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The 2014 Ratios reports are now available for purchase. This annual financial benchmarking study is a core member benefit. For more than 90 years, the Ratios program has been the leading financial benchmarking tool for the printing industry—and members overwhelmingly agree. Participants rated the 2013 Printing Industries of America Ratios an 8 out of 10, making it one of Printing Industries of America’s most valuable resources. Each year 16 volumes are developed from a survey of more than 300 printing firms. Only participating members receive the results for free!

Why should you participate?

All members should take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the Ratios. By participating you will gain access to financial and productivity benchmarks that can help your company become more efficient, productive, confident, focused, and profitable.

Participate in the 2015 survey and receive your free report. If you are not a member of Printing Industries of America you can also participate in the survey but must become a member today to receive the results for free!

How can you participate in the Ratios?

The next Ratios survey will be conducted in January 2015. The time to participate in the 2014 Survey has expired, but you can still get access to this valuable information by purchasing your volume…click here.

Overview of 2014 Ratios Survey Results:

2014 Ratios Survey Show Printing Industry Profits Stalled in 2013

Seventy percent of North American printers continue to operate in the black even as top-line challenges in sales remain. Printers participating in this years’ Ratios Survey attained average profit rates of 2.6 percent on sales—down slightly from 2.7 percent last year.  This is still above the trailing 12-year average profit for all printers of 2.0 percent.

Profit leaders—printers in the top 25 percent of profitability—saw profits increase to 10.3 percent compared to 9.9 percent last year. This rate of profit brings profit leaders to a 12-year high.

According to our 2014 survey results for fiscal year-end 2013, materials, including paper, accounted for the largest single cost category for the typical printer, 35.5 percent of sales. Total materials expenses decreased slightly in 2013 from their previous level of 36 percent in 2012. Paper alone consumed more than one-in-five sales dollars last year.

Other major costs incurred by printers last year included factory payroll (25.1 percent of sales) were up from 24.6 percent in 2012, factory expenses (16.9 percent of sales) saw no change from 2012, and administrative and selling expenses (19.1 percent of sales) were down from 19.3 percent in 2012.

Sales per employee for all printers stood at $150,678. Profit leaders sales per employee were significantly higher at $167,951.

Sales per factory employee for all printers stood at $202,879. For profit leaders, sales per factory employee averaged $209,331. 

Printers use the Ratios reports to evaluate their performance against industry profit leaders. Specific reports are available for various firm profiles by size of firm, printing process, and print market segments.  

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Published on Monday, September 22, 2014 (updated 09/22/2014)