2016 TAGA Conference Presentations


  • Web Offset: The Dominant Unknown Printing Process
    Mike D’Angelo, Managing Director, Goss International Americas
    1spp | 6spp
  • Technology Shifts in Textile Printing
    Liz Logue, Senior Director of Corporate Business Development, EFI, Inc.
    1spp | 6spp
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Chasing the Internet of Things
    Kevin Berisso, University of Memphis
    1spp | 6spp
  • The Next Generation of Printed Electronics
    Janos Veres, PARC, a Xerox Company
    | 6spp
  • InkJet Printing Continue to Progress!
    Don Schroeder, Director Solutions Development, Fujifilm North America Corporation
    1spp | 6spp

Session 1 – Workflow

  • Impact of Instrumental Bandpass on Spectral Quantities
    Michael Rodriguez, Independent Color Consultant
    1spp | 6spp
  • How to Create Characterization Data for a Printing Standard
    Hanno Hoffstadt, GMG GmbH & Co. KG
    1spp | 6spp

Session 2A – Packaging

  • Using Wide Format UV Ink-jet Printing for Digital Package Prototyping
    Yu Ju Wu, Appalachian State University; Reem El Asaleh, Ryerson University
    1spp | 6spp
  • The Uses of Lamination in Print Production for Consumer Packaging
    Giancarlo Caimmi, nordmeccanica s.p.a.
    1spp | 6spp

Session 2B – Workflow

  • The Technology Underpinning Effective Cross-Media Communications
    Christoph Clermont, EFI, Inc.
    1spp | 6spp
  • PDF/X-4 Today and for Tomorrow:
    Christopher Smyth, Ryerson University
    1spp | 6spp

Session 3 – Print Process

  • Metallic Ink Measurement Using the M3 Mode
    Martin Habekost and Alyssa Andino, Ryerson University
    1spp | 6spp
  • Continuous inkjet – The Advantaged Technology to Command the Digital Transformation of Print
    Mike Piatt, Kodak
    | 6spp
  • Evaluating the Impact of Printing, Color Reproduction, and Screening Technologies on Image Preference
    Mark Samworth, Esko; Robert Eller,Rochester Institute of Technology
    1spp | 6spp

Session 4 – Color

  • Color Management with OBAs – Theory and Practice
    William B. Birkett, Doppelganger, LLC; Charles Spontelli, Bowling Green State University
    1spp | 6spp
  • Digital Presses Color Uniformity
    Mark Bohan, Heidelberg USA, Inc.; Lindsay Ferrari, Printing Industries of America; Anthony Stanton, Carnegie Mellon University
    1spp | 6spp

Session 5 – Print Process

  • Creating an Easier Way to Connect Disparate Systems to an Automated Print Production System
    Terry Milano, Esko
    1spp | 6spp
  • Metrology for 3D Printing: Assessing Methods for the Evaluation of 3D Printing Products
    Bruce Leigh Myers, Rochester Institute of Technology
    1spp | 6spp
  • Prediction of Emulsification Drop Size in a Printing Nip
    Mikael Tag, StoraEnso Research; Doug Bousfield and Sean Seekins, University of Maine
    1spp | 6sp
  • Hemicellulose Based Printable Films
    Ruoxi Ma, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Shreyas Pathak, and Jan Pekarovic, Western Michigan University
    1spp | 6spp

Session 6A – Paper & Color

  • Selecting a Substrate for Color Proofing
    Robert Chung and Elena Fedorovskaya, Rochester Institute of Technology
    1spp | 6spp
  • Capacitors Out of Recycled Printed Electronics Paper Substrates
    Veronika Husovska, Jan Pekarovic, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming III, Western Michigan University

    1spp | 6spp

Session 6B – Workflow

  • Managing Content In Multimedia Communications
    Jeff Dunham and Robert Anderson, Heidelberg USA, Inc.
    1spp | 6spp
  • Process Control Requirements for Combining the Printing Process and the USPS – Mail Requirements for Inline Direct-mail Production
    Buck Crowley, BuckAutomation.com
    1spp | 6spp

Session 7A – Color

  • Spectral Color Print Quality Control by Using Visual Inspection Technique
    Andrew Tak Kin Yan, The Wing King Tong Group
    1spp | 6spp
  • Resistive Gravure Inks Made With Soy Protein
    Bhushan Patil, Veronika Husovska, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming, III, Western Michigan University
    1spp | 6spp

Session 7B – Paper & Color

  • Updated Understanding of Print Gloss
    Doug Bousfield and Jong Sonn, University of Maine
    1spp | 6spp
  • Unleashing the Power of Paper
    Grieg Heimbuch, Highcon, Inc.
    1spp | 6spp

Session 8 – Color

  • Optimizing Print Sequence for Expanded Color Gamut
    Liam O’Hara and Bobby Congdon, Clemson University; Brad Gasque, DuPont Advanced Printing
    1spp | 6spp
  • The Use of CxF/X4 Data for Critical Color Definition, Control and Verification
    Heath Luetkens, CGS Publishing Technologies
    1spp | 6spp
  • Using Virtual Pressrun to Implement Press Calibration
    Robert Chung, Fanyi Cheng, and Sanyukta Hiremath, Rochester Institute of Technology
    1spp | 6spp

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Published on Thursday, March 31, 2016 (updated 05/06/2016)