Association Infographic

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The benefits of joining an industry association are invaluable! For example, some of the biggest advantages of joining an association include the networking opportunities and camaraderie between professionals which help you and your business grow. That’s why Printing Industries of America and its local affiliates want you to know the value of membership.

Here are the top 10 reasons you need to join an industry association:

  1. Increased market share
  2. Promotion, branding, and visibility
  3. Collective market development and research
  4. Education and training opportunities
  5. Wider access to industry information
  6. Wider access to resources, lower costs, bulk ordering
  7. Group insurance policies
  8. A common voice to government
  9. Support of like-minded community
  10. Get involved and meet your neighbors

Membership to Printing Industries of America begins at the local level. Visit to find your local organization.

Learn more about membership by contacting a Member Central Representative at 800-910-4283, ext. 770, by direct dial at 412-259-1770, or by clicking here.

Published on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 (updated 06/06/2016)