Binding Industries Association

The New BIA represents:

  • Trade Binderies
  • Graphic Finishers
  • Custom Loose-Leaf manufacturers
  • Information Packaging
  • Suppliers to these industries

How will the BIA help my company?  

  • Professionalism
    • BIA members are branded as the “best of the best” in the industry. Professionals in the graphic arts industry contact us when they demand a quality company.
    • Being an officially recognized bindery or supplier by the BIA.  When someone calls Printing Industries of America looking for a graphic finisher, trade bindery, or custom loose leaf company, people know that BIA members are the best of the best.
  • Connections & Education
    • BIA provides access to critical intelligence, market analysis, and cutting edge technical and management programming tailored to meet the needs of your entire team featuring nationally recognized experts and practitioners.
    • BIA provides the best peer group meetings for the graphic finishing and custom-loose leaf industry.
    • The Binding Edge Magazine
      Published Quarterly, The Binding Edge is the BIA's official publication.
    • Bound for Excellence
      HTML newsletter keeps members updated on the latest industry news. A BIA member only benefit.
    • BIA Email Listserve
      Have a problem? Stuck on a job? Ask you peers for help with this wonderful networking tool. Also, featuring potential jobs from companies seeking the services of a BIA Member.
    • BIA Plant Tours—BIA Members who graciously open their doors to their peers and fellow members.
    • BIA Annual Conference, this event provides peer-to-peer, face-to-face networking with industry and global leaders—members become advocates with other members.
    • Share excess supplies with fellow BIA members at
  • Networking, Promotion, and  Recognition
    •, Printers need excellent partners, and this is an excellent resource for showcasing our members. 
    •, Promoting our custom loose-leaf members. 
    • for the BIA supplier community.
    • BIA LinkedIn Group
    • “Bindery of the Week”, “Custom Loose-Leaf Company of the Week”, “Supplier of the Week” featured on
    • Specialized recognition programs such as the Product of Excellence Awards (, Emerging Leader Award, BIA Hall of Fame, and Feingold Award.

Whether you’re a trade bindery, custom loose-leaf manufacturer, graphic finisher, or a supplier to those industries, the BIA is the definitive organization for the binding industry.

For information about BIA services and/or joining this group please contact Michael Packard, Director, Binding Industries Association at 412-259-1704 or

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Published on Monday, September 12, 2005 (updated 09/10/2014)

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Binding Industries Association