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Welcome to the Free Resources page at Here you'll find a plethora of free resources for our members, as well as a number of resources that are free to all visitors to our site. All members-only resources will require you to log in using your username and password. All resources that are free to all visitors of the site are marked "No login required."
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Video Tutorials

Augmented Reality

Color Correction in Photoshop

Mobile Web Development

  • Previewing Mobile Websites in Safari

    When developing mobile websites, you can use the Safari Browser website to preview what the website will look like on various Apple devices. In this video, Joe Marin shows you how.

  • Previewing Mobile Websites in Firefox

    Firefox has a nifty little plug-in called User Agent Switcher that allows you to impersonate any one of dozens of mobile devices—a handy tool when developing websites for mobile.

QR Code Creation and Tracking

  • Creating and Tracking QR Codes with Google Url Shortener

    In this short video, Joe Marin discusses how to create and track QR codes using the free Url Shortener service from Google.

  • Creating and Tracking QR Codes using the Microsoft Tag Service

    You've probably seen the Microsoft Tag included in printed material. But, did you know you could create and track QR codes using the free Microsoft Tag service? In this video, Joe Marin explains exactly how to do it!

  • Customizing QR Codes

    A QR code is an amazing technology, but they certainly aren’t the prettiest things to look at. In this video, learn how to turn QR codes into high-resolution graphics so that they can be customized by adding design elements.

Webinars and Presentations

White Papers

  • 2015 Wide Format Forecast

    This is an executive summary of an annual review of the global market for digital Wide Format Graphics (WFG) printing, also called Display Graphics (DG), based on vendor sales data from the preceding calendar year (2014).

  • B-2 Cut-Sheet Digital Printers

    The first generation of B-2 cut-sheet digital production printers have been installed, and a new report by I.T. Strategies investigates who is buying these machines and what they are printing with them. This report is available for free to all Printing Industries of America members.

  • Mobile-Optimized Websites: A Primer for Printers

    QR codes—along with the right mobile experience—is another tool that can be offered to marketers as part of an integrated print solution. In this white paper, you'll learn how to get started with building mobile-optimized websites.

  • Augmented Reality—Extending the Value of Print

    Updated for 2013! This white paper by author Joe Marin provides an overview of augmented reality technologies and highlights their relevance to print. New information includes an updated tutorial and additional resources.

  • Your Website: Keep It or Start Over?

    This white paper will help you understand—without all of the technical jargon—how to assess, modify, and enhance your own website so that you're practicing everything that you preach!

  • SGIA 2012 Las Vegas

    The SGIA show remains remains a go-to event for the digital wide format and specialty printing community. The following report by I.T. Strategies contains the latest review of products, companies, and their contextual analysis from this year's SGIA Expo.

  • VDP Costing and Pricing: The Fundamentals

    In this white paper author Joe Marin explains the fundamental aspects of VDP costing and pricing and explains difference between estimating and pricing static printing versus VDP.

  • Social Media Investigations of Top Vertical Markets

    This report compiles information related to how different vertical markets use social media.

  • QR Codes: A Primer for Printers

    This white paper is a short primer for printers interested in extending the value of the printed page while providing more interactive, engaging information for the customer through the use of QR codes.

  • Digital Printing and Survivability in the U.S. Postal System

    In this white paper author Joe Marin analyzes the results of a research study showing how various digital printing solutions and substrates ared from a variety of mailing locations and distances.

Economic Studies

Case Studies

Check out some inspiring success stories from Printing Industries of America member companies. Unless noted with an asterisk (*) all Member Spotlight Case Studies orignally appeared in Printing Industries of America: The Magazine.

Member Spotlight: Allied Printing Company *

Allied Printing Company out of Ferndale, Michigan. Allied Printing, a 60-year old business, is a member of Printing Industries of Michigan that has recently launched a rebranding campaign to highlight its rich heritage in Detroit.

Member Spotlight: Willow Printing Group

Competing in the fifth largest city in North America with thousands of printers and print brokers isn’t easy. This is why Jeff Ekstein, President and CEO, Willow Printing and Chairman, Printing Industries of America Board of Directors, takes pride in his company’s innovative approach with customers.

Member Spotlight: Rods and Cones, Inc.

It’s been seventeen years since the start of Rods and Cones, one of the first consulting companies to specialize in color management solutions from creative to print, and they’re still going strong. President Erica Aitken shares the secrets of the company's success.

Member Spotlight: Eckhart & Company

Every so often a company will create a business model that expands its market base beyond traditional boundaries. Eckhart & Company, located in Indianapolis, IN, has done just that. A potent combination of desirable manufacturing capabilities and honest customer service has allowed Eckhart to blossom into a complete postpress services company with a roster of clients that stretches from coast to coast.

Member Spotlight: Phototype

Phototype, a family business that has been around for nearly 100 years, specializes in high-end prepress work with many variants. Their focus is to provide customized brand communication and print supply chain management services which are fast, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for building brand equity and optimizing the manufacturing supply chain.

Member Spotlight: CustomXM

Paul Strack, President, CustomXM, is a second-generation owner of a family business who has always been attracted to new technology. Fortunately, his desire for these types of acquisitions has always been tempered by his parents’ desire to remain reasonably debt free. His company's transformation to a marketing service provider has enabled it to be on the leading edge of change—without being on the financial bleeding edge.

Published on Monday, April 7, 2014 (updated 07/13/2016)