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Differentiating Your Brand with Cool Coatings, Inks and Substrates 

Presenter: Dr. Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America

One of the best things about communicating with print is that it’s not just about putting ink down on paper—there’s a whole world of incredibly cool special effects and image enhancements that can make an image almost literally jump off of a page. From printing color ink on foil to creating fantastic pearlescent effects or printing with inks creating texture/3D effects, to utilizing holographic substrates for wild optical effects or creating a slick ultra-shiny varnishes, going beyond ink on paper is a way to make any printed piece stand out. In this webinar, you’ll learn about some of the newest, coolest special effects for the printed page and how working with these options fits in with your product.

Join Dr Mark Bohan for inspirational session on the power of print and what can be done to differentiate from the four color print process.

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Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement 

Presented on March 7, 2013

Most of the time a corporate culture develops without the conscious thought of its leaders. For companies seeking a culture that empowers employees to pursue excellence, a more deliberate approach is required. The industry’s best run companies not only use a variety of quality tools to raise efficiency and speed throughput, their executives create a culture that invites employees to share their creativity and knowledge. This webinar examines the leadership beliefs, behaviors, and structure that can bring about faster performance gains than the competition.

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Successful Workflow Automation—a Printer’s Perspective

Presenter: Dr. Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America

In today’s modern printing operation the use of automation is essential for profitability. There are different solutions that can be used to increase productivity and reduce the amount of touch points which introduce both costs and possible errors. There are large gains to be made by passing information throughout the whole process and being able to accurately capture job information for billing, estimation and process improvement. This session will provide solutions to implementation automation based on actual production systems, provide you with the tips and tricks, know where to start for the best ROI, what is the low hanging fruit in different production environments, so that you do not have to overcome hurdles that have been already identified.

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Production Inkjet Has Come of Age! What You Need to Know about Production

Presenter: Dr. Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America

While there are still changes in inkjet technologies, the marketplace has embraced the use of production inkjet for many different printing applications. The number of presses is growing at a significant rate and taking market share from offset and toner based digital applications. There are new market opportunities from their use and changes to your business case for implementing an inkjet solution. Come join a in-depth evaluation at the new technologies, understand the changing market expectations and obtain information on the where those business opportunities are.

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Color Management for Toner, Wide-Format Inkjet, and High-Speed Inkjet

Presenter: Dave Dezzutti, Printing Industries of America

Color management is based on the dilemma that matching printed color across different output devices is difficult. Matching color in a digital environment has its own unique sets of challenges, dependent on the device--inkjet, high-speed, or toner-based. This webinar shows you how to control the quality and consistency of color produced.

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10 Mailing Mistakes to Avoid

Presenter: Jim Workman, Printing Industries of America

Are you looking to add mailing services as a solution for your customers? About 30% of Printing Industries of America member printers have done so already! Mailing services, if operated intelligently, boost profits, while making it harder for a customer to move to another printing company. However, mailing is a complex business and liabilities can loom large. Before you get too involved, make sure you understand how to avoid the common mistakes, made everyday by mailers, which create customer unhappiness and drag down results.

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QR Codes: Your Roadmap from Print-to-Web

Presenter: Joe Marin, Printing Industries of America

Can print go viral on the Internet? It can—through the emerging technology of QR codes. As marketers continue to look for ways to get the most value from a promotion and track its success, it’s important for printers to understand the capabilities of QR codes. QR codes are extremely powerful because they have the ability to extend the value of the printed page. This technology is being used to direct a consumer to more specific information, promote a product or brand, and track the ROI of a promotional campaign. Attend this webinar and learn all about QR codes and how they are used to integrate print more closely to the Internet!

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Production Inkjet: How is it evolving and where are the business opportunities

Presenter: Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America

There are many rapid changes occurring in inkjet technologies in the head design, press configuration and data that can be driven through the press. This is significantly affecting the market opportunities and changes the business case for implementing an inkjet solution. Look at the new technologies, understand the changing market expectations and obtain information on the where those business opportunities are.

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How to Prepare for the New Aggressive OSHA Inspections

Presenter: Rick Hartwig, Printing Industries of America

In 2009 there were more reported OSHA inspections than in years past. With the 2010 year in front of us printers will be faced with a revitalized and expanding OSHA presence. OSHA’s 2010 budget gives this agency a significant increase in funding and more compliance officers. This combined with a new focus on enforcement means that more printers will be inspected with more scrutiny than ever before. OSHA will continue with more programmed inspections, mandatory follow-up inspections, as well as more inspections of companies with multiple locations. In addition OSHA is making it increasingly difficult to remove or reclassify citations and associated penalties. This program is designed to help printers understand the scope of the new enforcement procedures and redirect their focus on the necessary compliance needs..

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Wage and Hour Liability: A Ticking Time Bomb

Presenter: Ronald Adler, Laurdan Associates, Inc.

The IRS, the Department of Labor, the EEOC, state agencies, and trial lawyers have put employers on notice: Wage and hour issues are a “significant problem with adverse consequences” and it is increasingly likely that organizations will be audited and their pay practices and decisions will be assessed. Of particular concern are the proper classification of employees and independent contractors, the proper treatment of exempt and nonexempt employees, the proper calculation of “regular wages,” and pay equity.  As a result, organizations must take proactive measures to not only prevent FLSA violations, but also to demonstrate compliance through effective governance practices, including internal audits.

This webinar discusses your wage and hour liability exposure, critical compliance and management issues, and effective internal auditing practices. 

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Success Stories in JDF Automation

Presenters: Christy Miners, Democrat Printing & Lithographing, James Boudreau,Japs-Olson Company and Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America

During challenging economic times, many companies intensify their efforts to become more efficient and drive out needless costs. The use of JDF (job definition format) files to automate processes is already having a profound impact in this way for some printers. Our webinar Success Stories with JDF Automation focuses on how to incorporate new technologies via JDF automation and its real world results.

You will learn:

  • The big picture overview of JDF – what it is, how it can address today’s business needs
  • JDF automation in your shop – how to integrate, what’s involved, transition time, challenges, ROI
  • Success stories – customer profiles, specific business challenges and how JDF addresses those issues, what would life be like without JDF

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Six Secrets to Optimizing Color on Your Digital Press

Presenter: David Zwang, Zwang and Company

How would you like to get the most out of your digital press – consistency you can count on, outstanding quality, the highest level of customer satisfaction, reduced waste, and increased profit margins. Of course you would! . Many of the problems we have seen in many digital print production facilities stem from a lack of formal training of the operators and managers in the facilities when they bring new digital print equipment and workflows. This webinar will touch on some of those issues, so that you can begin to get the most out of your equipment, processes, and better meet your client's expectations. Listen to this webinar and learn some of the secrets! 

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Published on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 (updated 08/16/2016)