Management Tools

The Center for Print Economics and Management is excited to offer you a more expansive set of management tools. From our tried and true Ratios Financial Benchmarking and Wage & Benefits Reports to our Budgeted Hourly Rates Software through Profectus, you now have access to a complete library of resources to help fully assess the health of your business. Use these tools to make your company more profitable and successful.

A Closer Look At Our New, Extended Offerings

  1. Financial Performance Assessment
  2. Dynamic Ratios Financial Benchmarking
  3. Budgeted Hourly Rates Software
  4. Strategic Planning Report
  5. Annual Wage & Benefits Reports


Click on any of these management tools above to learn more. For questions, please click here.

Published on Thursday, September 18, 2014 (updated 06/03/2016)

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