Proprietary Print Market Research Service

Printing Industries of America’s economics and market research function has continually proved to be the most accurate and insightful assessment of current and future economic and print market trends available. Its track record for accuracy has been recognized by the U.S. Federal Reserve System which has used it to track the American printing industry. Dr. Ron Davis, Printing Industries of America’s Vice President and Chief Economist, was awarded the Neil Richards Visionary Leadership Award for “applying innovative, futuristic thinking to the graphic arts industry” and is the only industry association researcher to win this distinguished award.

Printing Industries of America conducts a series of regularly scheduled surveys of printers and has developed numerous databases on various industry topics. These are used for our own internal purposes and for developing industry reports.

The Annual Strategic Management Survey is an ongoing survey and database that tacks short-term and long-term trends and industry patterns. This survey is a web based system ensuring quick turnaround, flexible questions, open ended feedback, and accurate results. This survey has taken the place of the Quarterly Print Market Survey.

The Print Market Atlas and Geographic Print Market Database provides data on 12 U.S. print market segments such as shipments, plants, and employment by regions and state. We use Census Bureau data from the County Business Patterns Database to determine the number of employees and establishments and caluclate the shipments based off our knowledge of sales per employee trends in the industry. 

Ratios Survey and Database is the industry’s premier financial survey and database and includes detailed information on financial trends, including cost, productivity, and profitability.

Printing Industries of America Economic and Market Research Service offers access to our surveys and databases to printers and industry suppliers.

Basic Services: Two basic services are offered:

  1. Customized Market Research—In-depth custom research designed around your specific needs.
  2. Data Analysis Services—Using our extensive collection of data from ongoing industry surveys, we can answer many questions you have concerning various markets within the printing industry. 

Target Market: The target market for this service is primarily industry suppliers—equipment manufacturers, consumables suppliers, software providers, etc. Topics include:

Press and Other Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Purchase plans for specific equipment
  • Feature preferences of printers
  • Preferred sales and financing models and options
  • Price sensitivity issues
  • Evaluations of new products and services

Suppliers of Paper and Other Consumables:

  • Preferred features
  • Priority list of characteristics
  • Evaluations of new products and services

Competitive Advantage and Benefits: Printing Industries of America is in a unique position to offer this service because we have established access to our base of approximately 5,000 active members. By using these services, industry suppliers and vendors can save significant time and money and increase sales by designing products, features, services, and programming most desired by their customers and potential customers.

Depth of Analysis: The analysis provided can include detailed cross tabulations by size of printing firm, print market segments, printing processes, type of equipment, and other characteristics to provide detailed answers to specific market research questions.

Fees and Pricing: Please contact Ed Gleeson at or 412-259-1756 to learn more about our survey fees and process.

Published on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)

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