Capitol Hill Visits

Capitol Hill Visits

Who is print’s very best advocate on Capitol Hill? It’s you! Capitol Hill lobbying visits are the most popular part of Print’s Voice. This is your prime opportunity to start or to strengthen a constituent relationship with lawmakers representing you and your company. Printing Industries of America and NPES will schedule lobbying visits for conference attendees as a courtesy of conference registration. Simply complete the Capitol Hill Visits section of the registration form.

Scheduling Your Visits

Meetings are scheduled for each attendee with his or her two U.S. Senators and one U.S. Representative based on home address. Additional meetings may be scheduled based on facility address(es) should those locations be in different states or congressional districts. Meetings are scheduled to allow for sufficient travel time between offices. We aspire to make the most efficient use of attendee's time while scheduling appointments; however, please note that due to the large scale of the U.S. Capitol complex there may be considerable walking and/or taxi rides to and from meetings. Also please note that due to scheduling conflicts, attendees will be meeting with Capitol Hill staff in place of a lawmaker in some cases. Printing Industries of America or NPES staff may contact you with questions or suggestions regarding your appointment requests.

Preparing for Your Visits

Printing Industries of America and NPES will prepare conference attendees to deliver the most effective messages to further legislative efforts that benefit and protect printing companies and the industry overall. In addition to policy background and briefing materials, attendees are provided with suggested questions discussion topics and specific legislative “asks” to make of their lawmakers. A discussion guide with feedback capability is provided for each visit. Remember, more important than policy facts and figures is your personal story. After all, the most effective lobbying message is one that puts a proverbial face on an issue by relaying real-life examples of how your company would be impacted positively or negatively by legislation. Most conference attendees feel prepared to conduct visits without professional staff attendance by Printing Industries of America and NPES; however, should you wish to have a staff person attend meetings with you, please let us know and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request. In addition to reviewing key legislative issues, attendees are encouraged to review the biographies of their elected officials prior to the meeting. Knowing a lawmaker’s previous occupation prior to serving in Congress, or even where they were born or went to college, can provide a personal connection that is useful in building a constituent relationship. To learn about your lawmakers, click here to access’s “Legislative Action Center.” Attendees are encouraged to bring a camera to photograph the visits for promotional use for both company and association purposes.

Follow-Up to Your Visits

Printing Industries of America and NPES will assist you with providing feedback to our professional staff and also with appropriately communicating to lawmakers and their staff following your meetings. Information on follow-up will be provided at the conference.

Published on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 (updated 05/30/2014)