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1st shift supervisor, 2nd shift supervisor, maintenance supervisor, shipping supervisor, quality supervisor.



This position contributes to the financial and service-oriented goals of the organization by ensuring that customer expectations are met in terms of quality and timely product delivery.  The Production Manager works with the Sales-Production liaison to provide accurate and timely scheduling and production information.  Customer service is as critical as manufacturing integrity.


The Production Manager coordinates the entire plant operation, including scheduling, production, manpower, material usage, inventory control, and safety with the goal of meeting customer specifications and expectations. 


Evaluation of performance


Performance will be evaluated based on meeting the specific goals, deadlines, and other quality indicators established for this position (technical performance); positive collaboration with other employees; and effective relationship building with customers.


Key outcomes expected






Customer service: develop operational practices that will directly assist the company in meeting customer expectations and fulfilling customer requirements for on-time shipments.

Ÿ  Work with the Sales-Production Liaison to provide accurate scheduling and delivery information in a timely manner (within one hour) to assist CSR’s and sales personnel in responding to customer inquiries and preparing estimates (the Production Manager performs all scheduling/planning functions).


Efficiency and Process Improvement: ensure that all work is performed in an efficient manner to meet company goals of profitability and customer requirements of quality and timely delivery.

Ÿ  Establish measures for production efficiency and provide the support to meet production goals, both through operational practices and workforce numbers.

Ÿ  Establish and operate within an approved budget, focused on keeping expenses within budget and controlling materials and waste.

Ÿ  Develop a program to ensure all equipment is maintained to operate at maximum capacity.

Ÿ  Ensure jobs are produced consistent with the projections used to estimate the job (e.g. number of items per run).

Ÿ  Work with the Sales-Production Liaison to implement a program of process improvement, using the input and assistance of direct report supervisors and plant employees, to improve internal efficiency by continually analyzing processes and recommending corrections to maximize efficiency.    

Ÿ  If plant is open, it will need to be coordinated that either the Production Manager, 1st shift Floor Supervisor or 2nd shift Floor Supervisor will be present.  Therefore there will be some required outside of normal business hours.

Ÿ  Ensure smooth transition from 1st shift to 2nd shift.  Provide full instructions to 2nd shift supervisor.





Key outcomes expected (cont’d)


Scheduling: ensure jobs will be completed according to customer specifications, including production time, through a diligent scheduling process and proactive approach to anticipating problems.

Ÿ  Schedule all in-house jobs in an accessible format to provide quick information access to customer inquiries, including the schedule of each phase of the project.

Ÿ  Project schedules for jobs in the estimating phase.

Ÿ  Closely monitor production activities to ensure the schedules can be met.

Ÿ  Work directly with the Sales-Production Liaison to provide proactive communication with CSR’s if it is anticipated that a stated schedule will not be met.

Ÿ  Provide full and adequate communication about implications to the global schedule when receiving requests for schedule changes or adjustments.


Personnel Management: manage the plant workforce (utilizing and training 1st shift floor supervisor and 2nd shift floor supervisor) to meet company goals and customer requirements.

Ÿ  Develop the infrastructure of the plant (organize the work and workforce) in a manner to meet company goals and customer expectations, with special consideration to regular and normal fluctuations in production runs.

Ÿ  Define performance expectations for the plant workforce, including the necessary skills, behaviors, and experience, and institute a practice of regularly evaluating performance.

Ÿ  Select, hire, orient, train, and manage (including discipline) personnel to fulfill all performance expectations. These tasks are to be performed with the President.


Building maintenance:

  • Maintain the organization and cleanliness of the plant at all times.  Ensure that there is a spot for everything and that everything is in its spot.

Ÿ  The Production Manager is ultimately responsible for all equipment maintenance and repairs.  The Maintenance Supervisor and the Floor Supervisors assist with this responsibility.  Production Manager is a resource (on call) (after 1st shift Floor Supervisor) for maintenance and production issues that may occur outside of the normal shift (Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm).



Present a positive and professional image of the company to all clients, vendors, suppliers, and others coming into contact with the company.


Critical skills, knowledge, and behaviors




Effective verbal communication and interpersonal skills.


Ability to negotiate with and influence others.


Demonstrated planning and problem solving skills, with the ability to think logically and analytically.


High detail orientation and strong organization skills.


Able to establish and work within a budget.


Demonstrates basic proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet usage (e-mail).


Experience, education, degrees, licenses

Prefer 4-year degree in a business or manufacturing-related discipline, with course work in communication.


Previous manufacturing experience in a management position.


Previous supervisory experience.


Physical demands


Job will require some lifting, bending, and stooping but is not a daily requirement of the position.

Work environment

Work is performed in a manufacturing environment.


Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 (updated 05/31/2014)

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