Press Manager

Job Summary: Directs sheet press and web press operations

Reports to: V.P. Production

Delegates to: Sheet Press Supervisor, Lead Web Press Supervisor, Second Shift Web Press Supervisor, Third Shift Web Press Supervisor

Lean Expectations (Each employment anniversary year):

  1. Participate in at least two hours of educational experience (s) such as job shadowing, technical skills training, cross training, webinars, seminars, Lean networking tours, etc.
  2. Implement at least one improvement idea.

Production Responsibilities:

  1. Specific responsibilities:
    • Trouble Shooting (production problems)
    • Production Systems Management
    • Within the sheet press and web press departments, ensure that press work is properly planned and distributed, that production is achieved according to schedule, that quality standards are met, that efficient work procedures are developed and followed, and that good relations with other departments and customers are maintained
    • Consider methods, equipment and materials to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality
  2. General responsibilities (shared with other managers):
    • Oversee scheduling in sheet press and web press departments with scheduler
    • Quality assurance

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Specific responsibilities:
    • Production forecast
    • Ensure that equipment is properly maintained; important production, business, and personnel records are preserved, and regular reports are provided to management regarding costs, operations, and morale
    • Lead meetings with press crews on a regular basis
    • Coach all press supervisors to superior performance
  2. General responsibilities (shared with other managers):
    • Meetings
    • Set company policy
    • Planning and goal setting

Management of Personnel Responsibilities:

  1. General responsibilities (shared with other managers):
    • Safety and Hazardous Materials
    • Training (production)
    • Evaluations
    • Discipline
    • Hiring
    • Promotions
    • Grievances
    • Mtivation and Morale

Other Responsibilities:

  1. General responsibilities (shared with other managers):
    • Major equipment purchasing
    • Customer relations
    • Improve productivity and efficiency
    • Meets all Expectations as outlined in RP Expectations of Managers/Supervisors.
    • Promote a safe, clean and healthy environment for all people. Encourage wellness.

Job Qualifications:

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Extensive knowledge of press procedures
  3. Effective leadership skills

Published on Friday, March 15, 2013 (updated 05/31/2014)