Stock Claim Form

Unfortunately problems with paper or stock occur from time to time, and it is important to have the right policy in place to collect information and documentation so that a claim can be submitted. Without this information, merchants will be reluctant to provide credit to the printer, since they in turn will be handicapped in receiving credit from the manufacturer. Most paper mills and resellers have complaint report forms to be filled out during a claim. If not, you can download this stock claim form from Printing Industries of America.

Stock Claim Documentation to Include:

  • Invoice or order number.
  • Merchant complaint report (if available).
  • Roll or skid/carton/ream label.
  • 15–20 consecutive printed and unprinted sheets and/or 10 feet of unprinted web lead with defect circled.
  • Tape pulls­—remove particles or contamination from blanket or plate using transparent tape. Affix tape to clear acetate or film. Do not fold tape or attach it to paper. Identify the press unit that each tape pull is from.
  • Temperature and relative humidity of pressroom.
  • Photographs of a load or skid to document samples of wavy or damaged paper.
  • The printing unit or units involved.
  • Detailed description of problem.
  • Description of remedy (if available).
  • An accounting of lost time and materials.

When a claim is required, it is best to review issues with the paper supplier as soon as possible. Request their presence to help evaluate the problem as well as confirm documentation for the claim. You can avoid time and hassle by keeping them involved and letting them inspect the blankets, plates, and printed and unprinted samples.

Published on Thursday, May 9, 2013 (updated 05/31/2014)

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