Gateway Bookbinding Systems Ltd.

The manufacturers of PLASTIKOIL® plastic spiral binding. As the world’s most extensive coil manufacturer, Gateway also offers a complete range of equipment to handle all market levels. HIGH VOLUME –– The PLASTIKOIL® New Concept Former for in-house coil manufacturing; the PBS 3000 QS Automatic Coil Inserter; the PLASTIKOIL® Concept QS Single and QS2 Dual Interline systems for in-house coil manufacturing and interlined automated coil insertion with production speeds up to 1,400 books per hour. MID-RANGE – Gateway’s recently introduced KOILMATIC fully electric table-top automatic coil inserter for the digital print market; the Total Koil Binder offering two modes of coil insertion for coil diameters up to 50 mm; the TCB Total Cut & Bend dual crimping unit for consistent finishing. LOWER VOLUMES – various machines for one book to 100 copies.

Supplying the industry with extruded filament and pre-formed coil, Gateway’s production departments operate 24 hours a day. Gateway also manufacturers ENVIROKOIL®, RecyKoil®, and PETG-Koil®, providing customers with environmental options. Gateway Bookbinding Systems–The Plastic Spiral Experts. Learn more by visiting our website –

Published on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 (updated 05/31/2014)

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