Electronic Prepress Technical Specialist

JOB:  Electronic Prepress Technical Specialist
Dept:  Electronic Prepress Department
Code: PP-26


While working under the general supervision of the Electronic Prepress (EPP) Systems Manager or the Prepress Department Manager, the Electronic Prepress Technical Specialist acts as troubleshooter while assisting the electronic cover, electronic text and the Screen 1600 & 3200 personnel with software and hardware expertise.  As Technical Specialist, s/he also helps determine the strategic direction while forecasting the technical needs of EPP.

Employees placed on this job will spend approximately 80% of their time on the following:
1.  Diagnosing and repairing hardware, software, systems, PostScript, and customer files.
2.  Assisting EPP personnel when problems arise during production.
3.  Analyzing, diagnosing, reporting, and solving problems with customer supplied files.
4.  Actively teaching and promoting group teamwork and problem solving skills. 
5.  Communicating with other departments regarding needs and problems encountered during production.

The balance of the employee's time will be spent performing a variety of tasks leading to becoming a higher skilled and better trained Electronic Prepress Technical Specialist for the EPP Department in addition to the following:
1.  Performing routine daily maintenance on the equipment and facilities and reporting any unusual conditions to the supervisor or the person in charge.
2.  Research and development on new hardware and software applications potentially beneficial to work flow.
3.  Assisting in the training of EPP personnel, customers, and other employees to better understand the needs, functions, work flow and equipment in the EPP Department.
4.  Filling in for absent EPP personnel.
5.  Making and/or assisting in decisions regarding the best allocation of resources for high quality efficient production. 

All of the above work will be performed  in a safe, prescribed, and acceptable manner.

Any employee considered for an Electronic Prepress Technical Specialist position will have worked in the desktop publishing and printing industries for a sufficient period of time to have acquired the knowledge and experience that would allow her/him to perform all of the tasks required on this job.  A college degree, or the ability to demonstrate equivalent competence in desk top publishing and printing industry knowledge is required, with the candidate evidencing the ability to read, write, and perform mathematical computations. Additionally, specialized training in computer languages, hardware, and software is required.  Possessing the physical dexterity to perform the duties described for a Technical Specialist is required. 

Published on Thursday, June 28, 2007 (updated 05/27/2014)

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