Press Assistant (Roll Tender)

While working under the general supervision of the Press Department Shift Supervisor and under the close supervision and direction of the Press Operator, the Press Assistant aids the operator and performs tasks related to the operation of a Press in the production of printed, folded, and bundled signatures, meeting both quality and quantity requirements.


·Material Handling and Stocking: Moving material into position for loading the Splicer/Feed mechanism.

·Moving bundles of printed signatures to skids and preparing them for delivery and delivering the skids to the staging area in the Bindery Department

·Splicer Operation: Preparing and loading paper roll onto Splicer portion of the press.

·Preparing Splicer and loading mechanism to automatically feed a continuous stream of paper into press thereby eliminating the need to stop the press to load paper rolls.

·Feeder Operation: This is the actual operation and adjustment for size variables to the In-feed mechanism that allows paper stock to be fed into the press for printing.

·Operate Bundler: The Bundler consists of a Stacker and Strapper. The Stacker horizontally or vertically jogs and stacks printed and folded signatures.The Strapper compresses the signatures and straps them into bundles ready for manual or auto palletizing off loading and stacking on skids by the operator.


·Pre-loading and Loading Paper: Jogging and stacking paper stock onto the feeder table or skid to be loaded into the Feeder. Turning the stock over if it needs to be fed through the press for printing on the opposite side.

·Handling of plates:
-Mounting: The plates are mounted on the cylinders in the printing unit, denoting the top and bottom plates and utilizing the procedure for correct lock-up of plates with the appropriate tools.

·Set-up procedures and adjustments for change-over

·Handling of inks and mixing of press solutions.

·Operating the printing unit and performing blanket wash-up.

·Performing all cleaning and maintenance responsibilities.

·Handling waste and scrap.

·Record keeping, and determining the quality requirements of the job.

·Communicating, cooperating, and functioning productively as a member of an employee work team or project team as required.


Competency Statements:

Cooperativeness- Willing to take direction from the person in charge and, when appropriate, go along with coworkers’ way of doing things. Willing to follow rules.

Attendance- Works with supervisor to try to make schedule work and help cover difficult times. Shows up on time when scheduled

Perceptual Accuracy/Detail Orientation- Handles situations in which it is necessary to accurately read codes, numbers, or others strings of digits or letters.

Follows Instructions- Is able to easily understand instructions and complete tasks with minimal supervision.

Conscientiousness- Strictly adheres to all company policies and procedures, complies with safety regulations.

Reliability- Fulfills commitments. Makes sure the needs of the organization are met. Focused on being productive and achieving quality goals.

High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED)

Sufficient experience in the book printing industry.

On The Job Training Requirements
Electric Dolly
Department orientation/New Hire Temp Training

Other Requirements
Ability to:
Perform Mathematical Computations
Use Measurement Devices
Record Data


Physical Abilities                                                    Lift /Carry


   Stand                                   C (Constantly)             10 lbs or less                       F (Frequently)

   Walk                                    F (Frequently)              11-20 lbs                             F (Frequently)

   Sit                                       O (Occasionally)           21-50 lbs                             F (Frequently)

   Handling / Fingering               C (Constantly)              51-100 lbs                           F (Frequently)

   Reach Outward                     C (Constantly)              Over 100 lbs                        N (Not Applicable)

   Reach Above Shoulder           F (Frequently)

   Climb                                   O (Occasionally)

   Crawl                                   O (Occasionally)

   Squat or Kneel                      O (Occasionally)

   Bend                                    F (Frequently)

   Push / Pull

   12 lbs or less                        O (Occasionally)

   13-25 lbs                              O (Occasionally)

   26-40 lbs                              F (Frequently)

   41-100 lbs                            F (Frequently)

    N (Not Applicable)                 Activity is not applicable to this occupation.

    O (Occasionally)                   Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0 - 2.5+ hrs/day)

    F (Frequently)                         Occupation requires this activity from 33%  -  66% of the time (2.5 - 5.5+ hrs/day)

    C (Constantly)                        Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)

   Other Physical Requirements

      Vision (Near, Distance, Color, Peripheral, Depth Perception)

      Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Safety Glasses, Gloves, Hearing Protection)

While performing Essential Duties and Responsibilities of this job, the employee regularly works near moving equipment. The noise level in the work environment is usually loud. Employees in this position may be advised or required to utilize personal protective equipment including but not limited to: ear protection, eye protection, lifting equipment, protective smocks.

The company has reviewed this job description to ensure that essential functions and basic duties have been included. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all functions, responsibilities, skills and abilities. Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by supervisors as deemed appropriate.

Published on Friday, July 25, 2008 (updated 05/27/2014)

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