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As a financial executive, one of your most important assets is your clients. In this day and age, now more than ever it’s important to maintain a strong, positive working relationship. However, this is hard to do when dealing with clients that may have credit issues. What can you do with slow-pay or even non-pay clients? We realize the importance of collecting outstanding debts, but wouldn’t it be great to know about existing credit issues before the fact?

The PIFE Credit & Collection Service is a powerful member-only resource that will help you secure the payment due while maintaining a positive relationship with your clients. This service removes your company from the position of being “the bad guy.” Why aggravate yourself chasing down a client? Let us do the work for you!

PIFE works directly with The Printing Industry Credit Bureau. This company is licensed, bonded, and insured and provides national coverage, quality service, and a dedicated staff. The Printing Industry Credit Bureau is a member of the Commercial Law League of America and is fair debt and fair credit compliant. Get assistance with:

  • State-by-state information
  • Placing a claim for collection
  • Slow pay
  • Sample forms
  • Sample letters
  • Account receivable tips
  • Credit scam investigation

Even better—PIFE has secured preferred discounted rates for members only!
Your clients will know you are serious about your business and you’ll realize greater return on your bad-debt write-offs.

Let us be the solution to your problem. Contact a member of the PIFE staff today! Reach Nick Stratigos by clicking here.

Published on Monday, August 13, 2007 (updated 06/07/2016)

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