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Welcome to the electronic networking forum of the BIA. Below are guidelines for using the Email Listserv. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email bia (at)

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An email forum that allows BIA members to network on issues, solve problems, share jobs, strategies, and other industry-related information. Printers frequently contact the BIA with potential projects for our members.

Send an email (from the email address you are currently using) to Your message will be sent to everyone on the Listserv. All others can then REPLY ALL to the entire group or REPLY just to the sender. Please use discretion if you REPLY ALL.

File attachments are not allowed on this Listserv. File attachments may contain software viruses, and many email packages cannot handle various types of attachments successfully.

Information quality—the goal of the BIA Listserv is to provide an avenue for practical discussions on industry-related issues. In order to enhance these discussions, please:

  • Append a signature to your posting, preferably one that indicates your name, title, company, location, and telephone number.
  • Refrain from identifying employees by name when discussing workplace-related incidents or issues.
  • Refrain from offering opinion without identifying it as such.
  • Whenever possible, provide references that allow the receiver of your postings to verify the information presented.

Subscribe to the Listserv
To sign up to the BIA list serv, send an email to with the subject line “subscribe BIA list serv.”

Send an email to bia (at) with “BIA list serv” in the BODY of the message. In the subject line, please enter the words “unsubscribe BIA list serv.”

The statements on the BIA Listserv are strictly personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the positions of any organization the writer works for or is associated with. There is no verification of the accuracy of any messages distributed over the BIA Listserv. Therefore, each reader is responsible for confirming information presented on the BIA Listserv with independent resources. Any interpretations of federal, state, or local government regulations or other laws must be confirmed with the appropriate agency or qualified legal counsel before being considered authoritative. Neither the users of the BIA Listserv nor any of the organizations providing access to the BIA Listserv are responsible for the interpretation or application of the information contained within the disc ussions.

This Listserv is a confidential forum and its discussions and topics should be restricted only to members of management within your company. Divulging information from this Listserv to other parties is not permitted.

Users must be aware at all times that their questions/remarks may be subject to court-ordered subpoena. Users are cautioned about what they write regarding policies, facts, opinions, thoughts, etc.

Published on Thursday, August 24, 2006 (updated 01/26/2016)

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