Total Production Maintenance (TPM)

Printing Industries of America consulting services not only offers prepress and press consulting but also the Total Production Maintenance Registry qualification program (TPM), a vital part of "Lean Manufacturing" for the printing industry.

The Printing Industries of America Total Production Maintenance program is the only real maintenance/quality program designed specifically for the graphic arts industry. TPM addresses vital “Critical Cares” needed for all plant production equipment by systematically implementing effective equipment maintenance and process controls. Printing Industries of Americas TPM program is basically simple and universal to all types of printing production processes and is organized within the frame work of best industry practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Printing Industries of Americas Total Production Maintenance focuses on the vital maintenance, proper calibration, and effective process control activities for all production equipment, from prepress through press and post press. The program focuses on fundamental issues that influence all production processes reliability and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE); Availability (makeready and downtime), Performance (equipment running speeds and idling/minor stoppages), and Quality output (defective product and startup waste).

Print Production Excellence Accreditation Certificate Program, To validate their TPM system, printers can elect to undergo a Print Production Excellence Accreditation audit, conducted by a Printing Industries of America auditor. The Printing Production Excellence Acceditation audit program is the only quality management system that has been developed specifically for the printing industry. Upon meeting the program requirements, printers receive the Print Production Excellence Accreditation certificate.

What can TPM do for your company?

  • Stabilize production processes throughout the plant
  • Reduce downtime and boost production throughput for sheetfed, web, and finishing equipment due to greater employee efficiency and teamwork in performing essential critical cares
  • Establish crucial, structured, and documented preventive maintenance, a quality control system, and effective standard operating procedures
  • Fulfill customer’s supplier qualification and quality control requirements

Let Printing Industries of America Consulting Group become your companies exclusive quality organizers and process improvement coordinators

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Published on Tuesday, January 3, 2006 (updated 05/28/2014)

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