Quick Response Makeready (QRM)

Printing Industries of America’s Quick Response Makeready program is a multi-visit project based initiative based on Printing Industries of America’s industry leading technical expertise. The QRM program includes 5S (Sort­, Straighten,­ Shine,­ Standardize,­ Sustain) organizing system and quick changeover methodology Featured in Printing Industries of America book, Total Production Maintenance, “A Guide for the Printing Industry”, the QRM program focuses on the ingenious and effective four steps of quick changeover to reduce makeready and increase equipment capacity. The approach is basically simple and universal to all types of printing production equipment.

Reasons for Reducing Makeready

  • Job run lengths and batch sizes are shorter today, due to inventories concerns  and Just-in-Time 
  • Reduce set-up waste and production spoilage
  • Accelerate production throughput and shorter cycle time, hallmarks of Lean Manufacturing
  • If competition becomes more efficient with quick changeover, “They’ll eat your lunch.”

On-site Multi-Phase Approach Includes

  • Printing Industries of America unbiased technical assistance and guidance.
  • Training management, staff, and production team members in the QRM Four Step system and 5S (Sort­ Straighten­ Shine­ Standardize­ Sustain).
  • Plying the four step QRM methodology and 5S (Sort­Straighten­Shine­Standardize­Sustain) within Pre-makeready and Internal Makeready process through employee teamwork, collaboration, and Kaizen techniques.
  • QRM can be applied to both new and older printing and bindery and finishing equipment.

QRM focal point is pressroom, but it expands into all aspects impacting makeready encompassing job planning, scheduling, prepress, information, and materials procurement. QRM can be focused in Bindery and Finishing operations as well. Printing Industries of America’s Quick Response Makeready program trains companies in applying quick changeover methodology through all print production processes. Sustaining and leveraging the gains happen through company teamwork and commitment in the future.

Remember, “Once Time is Lost, It’s Lost Forever”.

Let Printing Industries of America experts become your companies exclusive quality organizers and process improvement coordinators.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact Jim Workman at 412-259-1710 or consultinggroup@printing.org.

Published on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 (updated 05/28/2014)

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