Certificate Programs

Printing Industries of America offers certificates in the following areas: Total Production Maintenance and Color Management. These certificates are a great marketing tool for printers! They offer documentation proving that you have met specific requirements, verified by an independent, third-party organization—Printing Industries of America.

When you tell new and existing customers that your production and color management processes have been verified, it proves that you offer consistent, quality printing.

Total Production Maintenance (TPM)

Printing Industries of America’s Total Production Maintenance (TPM) program is the only quality/maintenance assessment designed specifically for the graphic arts industry. A vital part of lean manufacturing for printers, TPM addresses maintenance, proper calibration, and effective process control activities.
Printing Industries of America consultants provide guidance, team facilitation, and employ Kaizen techniques at the plant to assist you on the road to TPM.


  • Stabilize production processes throughout the plant.
  • Reduce downtime and boost production throughput for sheetfed, web, and finishing equipment.
  • Establish crucial, structured, and documented preventive maintenance, a quality control system, and effective standard operating procedures.
  • Fulfill customers’ supplier validation and quality control requirements.

TPM Certificate

Upon meeting the requirements of the audit, your company will receive a Printing Industries of America TPM Process Validation Certificate.

Color Management

Printing Industries of America consultants have set up procedures and methodology to help printers meet the ISO 12647 print standards and GRACoL™ guidelines and print specifications.

We follow an exclusive methodology beginning with your ink, validating that it meets the ISO 2846 standard through tests performed at Printing Industries of America’s state-of-the-art lab. We then walk you through a series of verification steps, ending with your company achieving validation to industry standards and specifications. You then receive official proof, a certificate, stating that you meet specific color management requirements—a great marketing tool for your company!


  • Officially validates compliance with recognized industry standards and specifications
  • Offers proof that customer vendor certification can be met
  • Qualifies printers to fulfill customer color requirements
  • Demonstrates industry accepted color management best practices

Color Management Certificate
Upon meeting the requirements of the ISO 12647 print standards and GRACoL© guidelines and specifications, your company will receive an offical Printing Industries of America Color Management Certificate.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact Jim Workman at 412-259-1710 or consultinggroup@printing.org.

Published on Friday, October 3, 2008 (updated 05/28/2014)

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