Press Analysis & Testing

Press Testing and Analysis
The press test is a professional assessment of your printing machine's ability to produce product at or above commercial acceptability. During the test we will strive to assess the quality potential of your printing machine(s). All problem areas will be documented.

During the press test, Printing Industries of America will observe and evaluate prepress, platemaking and printing activities with regard to methods, procedures, and equipment. Direction will be given where necessary, to enhance press testing results. The test will show how well your press can print when the printing process is brought under control.

A thorough assessment of press conditions and components will be made prior to running the press test. To achieve the best test results in the most economical time frame, presetting of all press functions to manufacturer’s specifications ia necessary.

The press test requires printing of Printing Industries of America test targets to determine register accuracy, ink starvation, cylinder conditions and print characteristics.

Press Acceptance (Commissioning a Press)
By having Printing Industries of America present during a press acceptance testing, a printer's capital investment of a new or used press is being validated. A report of the analysis will be provided as documentation of the press characteristics and primary part for successful color management. This document is the benchmark of how your new printing press is printing. For decades Printing Industries of America has performed thousands of press tests both sheetfed and web presses and officially recognized as the only unbiased third part in the printing industry.

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Published on Tuesday, January 3, 2006 (updated 02/09/2015)

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