Fulfillment Mail Clerk II

JOB: Fulfillment Mail Clerk II
Dept : Warehouse/Fulfillment
Code : WF-04



While working under the general direction of the Warehouse/Fulfillment Shift Supervisor or the person in charge, the Fulfillment Mail Clerk II works on fulfilling orders and performs all tasks and elements of work in the operational functions of the Warehouse/Fulfillment Department. The Fulfillment Mail Clerk II assures to meet both the quality and quantity requirements in the operations of the department.


Employees placed on this job will perform all elements of work described under Fulfillment Mail Clerk I, spending approximately 70% of her/his time in performing those tasks in combination with the following:

  1. Utilizing full working knowledge of all fulfillment mailing methods and procedures.
  2. Utilizing full knowledge of and understanding the filing system and paperwork flow at The company.
  3. Assisting with the stockhandling and storage of products.
  4. Utilizing personal knowledge of in-process jobs and bulk-mailing methods to assist in bulk-mailings' compliance to U.S.P.S. regulations.
  5. Utilizing knowledge of air freight couriers and assisting with such mailings.
  6. Assisting in the cabinet work, while working with raw and unfinished materials.
  7. Communicating and working with both the Bindery, Customer Service, and the Shipping Departments to organize work among these areas.


The balance of the assigned employee's time will be spent performing a variety of tasks including:


    • Utilizing the electric dolly for 0 to 3 hours daily.
    • Utilizing the Hi-Lo for 0 to 3 hours daily.
    • Utilizing a thorough knowledge and understanding of the current post machine system.
    • Assisting in stockhandling.
    • Performing and understanding basic mathematics in calculating the pricing of shipments.
    • Performing tape machine maintenance.
    • Assisting in the general clean-up and organizing of the different departmental areas.

All of the above work should be performed in a safe, prescribed, and acceptable manner.



Any candidate for this job will have the full knowledge of a Fulfillment Mail Clerk I and will have served in that capacity a sufficient period of time to have acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to complete this job. This position requires familiarity with a keyboard, the ability to read, write, perform mathematical computations, use measuring devices, and record collected data. Additionally, the Fulfillment Mail Clerk II should be licensed to handle and drive specific material handling equipment. A high school diploma, or equivalent, evidencing the ability to perform the above named skills. Possessing the physical dexterity to perform the duties described for a Fulfillment Mail Clerk II is required, including the ability to withstand the heat and humidity of the warehouse during summer months. Further, it should be understood that all jobs at The company have been described and evaluated through a formal system of job evaluation. As such, this is an intermediate position in the Warehouse/Fulfillment Department, where there are other jobs more difficult and requiring greater skills

Published on Monday, February 6, 2006 (updated 05/28/2014)

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