Mail List Processor

Job Summary: Process name lists using a personal computer. Assists customer and CSR in mailing and list requirements. Verifies that job conforms to USPS Regulations.
Reports To: Supervisor of Mailing
Lean Expectations (Each employment anniversary year):
A.         Participate in at least one Lean event or serve as an auditor, Guiding Coalition
             Member or on the safety committee; and
B.         Implement at least one improvement idea; and
C.         Participate in at least one educational experience such as job shadowing, cross-training, webinar, seminar, Lean networking tour, etc.
Production Responsibilities:  
A.                 Import, process, and output customer mailing lists.  
B.                 Check files for conformity to supplied layouts, and mailpiece for conformity to USPS regulations.
C.                 Prepare proper documentation, including mock ups and layout information. 
D.                 Merge,/Purge processing, advising on strategies and limitations.
E.                 Data entry and list maintenance.
F.                  Advise ink jet production personnel regarding data set up.
G.                 Technical customer contact.
H.                 Periodic maintenance of processing equipment.

Administrative Responsibilities:
A.        Maintain records of all jobs processed. 
B.        Schedule work according to production needs.
C.        Maintain inventory of supplies.
D.        Enter production data to Shopstation system.
E.        Work with customers and their data houses to facilitate properly prepared materials for mailing.
Other Responsibilities:
A.       Assist in determining best mailing strategy for customer and in mailpiece design.
B.       As directed
Job Qualifications:
A.               Familiar with MS Windows, database file structures, mailing regulations, ink jet procedures, list management strategies.
B.               Analytical thinking
C.               Organizational and communication skills
D.               Ability to follow instructions

Published on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 (updated 05/28/2014)

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