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The Mailing Manager at The Company is expected to possess the level of mailing production skills that rate him or her among the very best at this function in the printing industry.

The Company expects that the Mailing Manager will act at all times to assure the highest level of ethics, professionalism and personal performance possible, will work enthusiastically to meet or exceed all performance goals set by The Company, and will contribute his or her utmost to assist The Company in achieving it's goal of being the best provider of mailing services in the industry.

The Mailing Manager is responsible for the supervision and efficient functioning of all mailing related activities in a manner consistent with the rules and policies established by United States Postal Service, The Company and as documented in the Employee Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Manual, Work Instructions and other applicable documents. This will include scheduling department workflow to achieve the manufacturing goals of the company and managing staff to meet schedule requirements. It will also include evaluating staff craft and system skill levels, scheduling and providing educational opportunities to bring them to the highest possible level and coaching for top ranked performance.

The Mailing Manager is generally responsible for achieving of all goals related to the cost, quality and on-time production of mailing materials at The Company. As the final department in the mailing process chain, the Mailing Manager is also responsible for assuring the overall quality of the products being shipped/mailed to customers by supervising in-process inspections and verifications.

The Mailing Manager is responsible for the safe operation of all processes and machinery in the binding and finishing areas.

Job Requirements

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and / or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Education & Experience

High School education or equivalent
The ability to read and write in English
Math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions.
2 years of College, printing related trade schooling or continuing education is required.
Minimum 2 years in management.
Minimum 5 years in a Mailing position.

Supervisory Skills Required


  • Demonstrate the ability to handle many issues, items and functions at one time and deal rapidly with multiple items in prioritized sequence.
  • Demonstrate the ability to set and prioritize goals and achieve them as scheduled.
  • Demonstrate flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing requirements and schedules.
  • Demonstrate an analytical approach to problem solving.
  • Demonstrate the ability to act on own initiative.
  • Demonstrate the ability to act as a facilitator of learning for employees under control.
  • Demonstrate skills as coach to reinforce learning and promote consistent performance according to The Company Standard Operating Procedures and other system documentation.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to perform corrective actions with reporting employees.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to discipline reporting employees when appropriate.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to help others achieve their best.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to persuade others to a point of view consistent with goals of company.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to help people learn to work together.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to take direction from superiors.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to show leadership by consistent example.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to build and maintain positive relationships quickly.


Mailing Skills Required

Consistently demonstrate the knowledge and ability to:

Understand job production requirements & specifications as communicated by the Job Ticket.
Interact with scheduling, customer service, and planning to assure availability of printed materials to meet delivery requirements.
Work with data processing department to insure smooth transitions of materials.

Maintain a smoothly operating Mailing department by:

Showing problem solving skills, especially between cost centers
Keeping an even-tempered manner when problems arise.
Consistently providing coaching, training and leadership.
Deal with difficult customer situations & final customer requirements successfully.
Handle employee problems within the guidelines of human resource policy.

Craft Skills Knowledge

Knowledge of safe operating procedures for all mail cost centers
Production time requirements for each piece of mail equipment
Company quality requirements as they pertain to folding and mailing
In-line inspection for quality attributes
Quality limitations and abilities of each piece of mailing equipment
Ability to generally operate all mailing equipment
Knowledge of Estimating/Costing/Planning

Basic job layouts and applications, job ticket preparation
The most efficient way that a job should be prepared
Understand basis for company profitability & overtime limitations
Understand SPC requirements of production functions
Process capability of each cost center

System Skills

Demonstrate proficiency and understanding in the use of:

Non-conforming reports
Procedural reports
Quality Manual
Standard Operating Procedures
Element Procedures

Possess the ability to work with manufacturing management to achieve company goals including customer satisfaction and company profitability.

Demonstrate proficiency in the use of the data collection system and display consistency and accuracy in meeting data collection requirements specified in the quality documentation and by management.

Demonstrate willingness to accept direction from management and peers to improve quality and performance.

Demonstrate willingness to work together with peers and other departments to improve quality and performance.

I have read this job description carefully. I understand the high expectations that The Company has for its Mailing Manager. I am willing to commit to achieving and exceeding those expectations, both for the benefit of The Company, its employees and as well as for myself.


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Published on Monday, February 6, 2006 (updated 05/28/2014)

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