Standards Cited for SIC Major Group 2752; All sizes; Federal; 2006

Major Group 2752 Printing, Publishing, And Allied Industries

Listed below are the standards which were cited by Federal OSHA for the specified SIC during the period October 2005 through September 2006. Penalties shown reflect current rather than initial amounts.

1910.147351818588The control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout).
1910.120027143228Hazard Communication.
1910.17820109578Powered Industrial Trucks
1910.30316115703Electrical Systems Design, General Requirements
1910.30515123100Electrical, Wiring Methods, Components and Equipment
1910.2191466013Mechanical Power-Transmission Apparatus
1910.21211815450Machines, General Requirements
1910.132841100Personal Protective Equipment,General Requirements
1910.304763288Electrical, Wiring Design and Protection
1910.106631348Flammable and Combustible Liquids
1904.29551740Recordkeeping Forms and Recording Criteria
1910.95422250Occupational Noise Exposure
1910.37321523Means of Egress, Maintenance, safeguards, and operational features for exit routes.
1910.157331278Portable Fire Extinguishers
1910.1052311500Methylene Chloride.
1903.19220Abatement verification.
1904.32220Annual summary of injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements
1904.33220Retention and updating.
1910.15122915Medical Services and First Aid
1910.213211200Woodworking Machinery Requirements
1910.21522563Abrasive Wheel Machinery
1910.24222876Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Equipment, General
1910.22111275Walking-Working Surfaces, General Requirements
1910.2311200Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes
1910.3611725Means of Egress, Design and construction requirements
1910.3811413Employee Emergency Plans and Fire Prevention Plans
1910.333110Electrical, Selection and Use of Work Practices
1910.1030110Bloodborne Pathogens
5a334387General Duty

State-specific citation data

Data is included in the query based on the date the citation was issued.

  • # Cited represents the number of times the specified standard was cited. The number in the total line is the sum of the # Cited for each standard.
  • # Insp represents the number of inspections in which the specified standard was cited. For the total line, it represents the number of inspections in which one or more citations were issued. Note that the total is not the sum of the number of inspections associated with each standard cited: multiple standards may be cited in one inspection.
  • $ Penalty represents the total penalty amount currently assessed for the specified (# cited) citations. The number in the total line is the sum of the $Penalty for each standard. The amounts reflect what exists at the current time, taking into consideration any settlement action adjustments which may have taken place.

If # Cited = 120 and # Insp = 40, then the average number of times per inspection that the specified standard was cited is 3. If $ Penalties is $60,000, then the average current penalty amount per standard cited is $500.

Published on Thursday, October 26, 2006 (updated 05/28/2014)

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