2007 Product of Excellence Award Winners

The following award winners were part of an amazing array of products entered into the competition this year. The quality of the entries required the judges to be painstakingly critical in their evaluation of the products submitted. To win a Product of Excellence award, an entry must be technically flawless. These pieces below represent some of the best work in the industry, a standard to which other companies should look up to. Winning this prestigious award is considered among many to be the pinnacle of success in the binding industry. We take great pride in our winners and they should be congratulated for a job well done!


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“Drop Designs”

Adhesive Binding
Pacific Bindery Services

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“Altelier on Robson”

They said it couldn’t be done!
Pacific Bindery Services

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“Waldron Wealth Management”

Loose-Leaf: Screening Multi-Color
American Thermoplastic Company

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“Coast to Coast”

Loose-Leaf: Product Design
Vulcan Information Packaging

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“Tony Roma Drinks & Desserts Menus”

Mechanical Binding

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“American Express”

Perfect Binding
Seidl’s Bindery

NEW! In 2008, all entry submissions will be sent directly to the BIA staff office. This will give BIA more oversight on how the entries are received and handled. Any work produced in 2007 through February 2008 is eligible for the 2008 Awards.  Look for complete details soon on www.bindingawards.com, and start saving those winning pieces! For more information please contact Justin Goldstein at (412) 259-1806 or info@printing.org

Published on Monday, August 6, 2007 (updated 05/28/2014)

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