Converge Conference Meeting 2009 - Orlando

November 11, 2009 JDF User Group Meeting
at Converge Conference
Orlando, FL

Printing Industries of America’s Converge Conference covers the hottest topics formerly included in the Workflow and Variable Data & Personalization conferences, including Web services, variable data, and workflow.

Meeting Agenda

The day will be full of meetings covering the following topics:

  • Automating front ends and content creation in a production environment with specific focus on digital workflow applications. This will also evaluate how to incorporate added value services and move towards being a full market service provider.
  • How do you successfully source and implement a MIS. This will focus on multiple recent installations, the trials and tribulations from the user perspective, how to plan the installation, what to ovoid and how to have a real world expectation of the results.
  • How does lean incorporate into an automated workflow, obtain five easy takeaways to save money and drive productivity.
  • What web to print applications are available? The criteria required assessing them and how do you evaluate the different solutions available.

Published on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 (updated 03/04/2015)

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