Summaries and Testimonials

"Our PIA consultant has helped give us an objective perspective on the challenges that face our business...with real-life options used in solving our problems."

Randolf W. Camp
Walton Press, Inc.

"Our in-plant costs were rising and we had to come up with ways to reduce them, fast. Our PIA consultant helped us review our technology and procedures to ensure that our costs stayed under control. He also assisted with implementing our new quoting system."

James Mekovitz
Manager, Support Services
American Insurance Association

"Our consultant developed a marketing campaign that had significant impact on our sales— and gave us positive long-term results. Approximately one-third of all the people we mailed to were willing to talk to us on the telephone, and about half of those granted an in-person interview."

Robert Miller
Vice President
Miller Graphics, Inc.

"I feel it is a win-win program for both us and our customers. By practicing TPM procedures, we are increasing our cash flow while customers are assured of our top operational procedures, high-quality jobs, and quick turnaround time."

Wayne Sorensen
Mi-City Lithographers, Inc.

"Our consultant has become a valuable industry advocate and liason between the industry and the state and federal environmental agencies. His performance has been exceptional. We count on him to look out for our best interests, and the interest of all printers."

Dale G. Kaljna, Ph.D.
Director, EHS Regulatory Affairs and Due Diligence
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

"Our PIA consultant has overseen the development and implementation of our five-year plan. It has proven to be our most valuable planning tool with regard to direction of growth."

John C. Snyder
Johnston Printing Company

Published on Friday, September 23, 2005 (updated 01/20/2015)

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