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Printing Industries of America Government Affairs represents the printing and graphic communications industry on any issue that affects business and the bottom line. While most issues fall within the five categories of the Advocacy Agenda, Printing Industries also represents industry concerns in other areas.

Patent Reform

Recently, there has been an alarming increase in the number of printers who have reported being targeted by law firms and accused of infringing upon patents for technologies as common in the industry as prepress workflow, computer-to-plate, and Web-to-print.

The patents in question describe a method or process, allowing patent holders to go after the users of technology—printers in this case—rather than limiting their focus to technology manufacturers. The patent trolls do not just target large companies. Small, medium, and large printers have been sent threatening letters demanding recompense for patent infringement. The demands seek a minimum of $75,000.*

Your Government Affairs team is actively seeking a legislative fix that would prevent frivolous patent trolling and is fighting for retroactive protection for those of our members that are currently victims of this reprehensible practice. We are lobbying hard to make sure the patent reform protections Congress is considering aren’t geared only to the largest corporations in the country but to small and mid-sized printers, too.

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  • Transportation Costs/Issues
  • Credit/Banking Issues
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Government Printing Office (GPO)
  • General Small Business Issues
  • Financial Services Issues

Published on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 (updated 02/17/2017)

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