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May 23-25, 2011 • ChampionsGate, Florida

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“The ideas presented at the conference gave me other ideas that I implemented at our company­–energy savings, hiring assessments, training, and the value of community involvement. I also gained interesting insights into the roles and interplay between print buyers and marketers that I enjoyed and found valuable.”

Tim Franzen, Vice President Operations, American Spirit Graphics

“The networking is always invaluable as we try and measure ourselves against other companies. It gives us an opportunity to talk with people that we normally would never meet. Attending this conference enhances our standing in the market.”

David Reid, President, Vox Printing

“Timely conference given the new reality we are living in. It would be foolish to miss the opportunity to network and talk with my peers. The roundtables and technical information I received was outstanding—in fact, it helped me solve an issue I had with one of my vendors!”

Chris Illa, Operations & Continuous Improvement Manager, Japs-Olson

“I shared the details I learned at the conference with the leadership at Ripon and as a direct result we have kicked-off an energy efficiency project. We also have a sustainability project on the radar for future investigation.”

Jeff Cottrell, Project Manager, Ripon Printers

“The energy management session opened my eyes to the huge energy consumption of our air compressors. I walked away from the session with an action plan and positive steps to audit the situation and make changes that will lower our costs, increase energy savings, and generate more productivity.”

Lloyd Streit, President, Signature Offset

“I like the 360 performance review this program provides me. I enjoy the conference because networking with my peers helps me solve problems and learn new things. This is the perfect forum for printers to share ideas. ”

Anna Iordanidis, HR Manager, The Ovid Bell Press

Published on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 (updated 05/28/2014)

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