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Printing Industries Press, the publishing arm of the Printing Industries of America, publishes nonfiction technical and management books on a wide range of topics related to the printing and graphic communications field.

The audience for these books ranges from newcomers to the industry to veteran practitioners, so subject matter may range from introductory in nature to highly technical, applicable information. You’ll find our products are divided into formats and styles appropriate to each skill and knowledge level. Choose from:

Appropriate for the classroom or workplace, the series of primers is more introductory in nature, meant to give a general overview of the topic in layman’s terms. Generally published in a handy 5.5x8.5-in. format, these “digests” provide readers with all the basics on a topic before moving on to more in-depth study. Example: Lithography Primer.

These classic textbooks are appropriate in the classroom, on a professional’s reference shelf, or for self-study. Information in these heavily illustrated books tends to be more technical and in-depth, but still appropriate for both the student and the industry veteran alike. Each begins with the basics and then progresses into the nuts and bolts of a topic. Examples: Sheetfed Offset Press Operating, Total Production Maintenance.

Handbooks and Guides
Our guides and handbooks not only feature a wealth of information on their specific topics, but also include step-by-step procedures, quick tips, and checklists to help you implement what you read. You will refer to the information in these publications on a daily basis. Examples: PDF Print Production Guide, Guide to Troubleshooting for the Sheetfed Offset Press, Direct Mail Pal: A Direct Mail Production Handbook.

Market Studies, Financial Studies, Surveys, and Plans
Many of these publications are filled with data culled from member surveys on a variety of management, financial, or productivity topics; others include samples of actual plans in use by real printing businesses that you can adapt for your company. Use this carefully organized data to target markets, benchmark your company’s performance against like firms, or bring your plans and policies in line with others. Examples: Ratios, Sales Compensation Survey, Print Market Atlas.

White Papers, Research Reports, Technology Bulletins, and Other Special Reports
The Research and Technology Report series, based on research performed by Printing Industries of America personnel, provide an overview of testing protocol and findings of the research; special reports and surveys give a data-fueled snapshot of how certain technologies are actually being used and perceived in the field. Examples: Sheetfed Benchmarking Study, 2008 Survey of Management Information Systems, VDP Solutions Review.

All books are written by professionals in the industry, sometimes by Printing Industries of America staff, but also by outside professionals, either in the industry at large or in academia.

In addition to books, you’ll also find downloadable products that you can access immediately after placing your order. You’ll find webinar archives from webinar sessions hosted by our Training Department each month, unique PDF-only reports, PDF alternatives to print products, and PDF chapter segments from many of our books so you can get only the information you want when you need it.

Published on Friday, April 24, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)

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