Proposal Guidelines

When you’re ready to submit a proposal for your book topic, prepare a cover letter and comprehensive outline/synopsis for consideration by Printing Industries Press. Submissions are accepted via regular mail and via email.

Your proposal will be presented to our product planning committee for final approval. (Interest expressed by the editorial group alone does not guarantee publication.)

Cover Letter
Bear in mind that the cover letter serves as your sales proposal in which you convince our publishing group that your manuscript is a marketable product and that you are the right author for us. It should include the following information:

Tell us succinctly what your book is about, what it will and will not cover, how it compares to similar books, and why it is unique. It is most important that you demonstrate why your book on this topic is necessary, especially if it is not the first book on the subject.

Describe your target audience and how you will reach them. Explain what the readers will learn and gain from such a publication.

Explain why you are qualified to write this book, describing your professional background, expertise, and your experience as a professional writer.

Be sure to include your full contact information for our reply: address, phone, email.

The outline focuses on the book itself. Provide a chapter-by-chapter outline with a detailed explanation of the material to be covered in each segment. Identify chapter titles, major heads, and subheads along with an explanation of each topic and why the segments are divided. Include a separate section on the illustrations you envision accompanying your text (halftones, line art, color signatures, etc.).

Additional Material
While not required, if you have already begun writing, please include no more than two sample chapters. If sent by mail, include a self-addressed stamped envelope (large enough and containing the proper postage) to return the materials to you.

Printing Industries of America is not responsible for unsolicited materials received without adequate return postage and packaging. Use the current Writers Market “manuscript mechanics” guidelines for preparing your sample chapters.

What to Expect
After we receive your outline and sample chapters, you can expect us to respond in about one month. All outlines and sample chapters must be reviewed not only by our editorial staff and directors, but also by consultants experienced in the area about which you are writing. Should your manuscript be accepted, it will go through another more in-depth technical review (“peer review”) prior to publication. This is a standard procedure in the technical publications field.

Should we express interest in your outline alone, we hope you will develop it into sample chapters for our review if requested. Please remember, however, that our interest in an outline does not guarantee publication of your manuscript. Printing Industries of America will pay no kill fees for manuscripts for which there is no signed contract. Authors must understand and accept that sample chapters are developed and submitted on speculation only.

If you proposal is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter and standard author’s contract, along with Printing Industries Press manuscript-preparation and house-style guidelines, manuscript deadlines, and artwork requirements. Typically, Printing Industries of America retains all rights to the manuscripts that it publishes, compensating the author on a royalty basis that is competitive with other graphic arts textbook publishers.

Once you return your signed contract, the director will assign a project editor to your book. This editor will work with you in developing the rest of your manuscript and will shepherd it through the editorial, design, and production process. You should be prepared to submit digital files for your manuscript, preferably in Microsoft Word for the text, accompanied by a double-spaced hard-copy printout.

Published on Friday, April 24, 2009 (updated 06/01/2016)

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