Customer Education Training Programs

Printing Industries of America’s Customer Education program can to do it for you. This series is intended to improve communication between printer and client by creating ready-to-implement training. The handouts, presentation, discussion points, planning strategies, and even the promotional materials are all done for you. All a printer has to do is present it to clients.

So Easy to Use—Just Add Customers!

Kit components Include:

  • Instructor’s Manual with:
    • Printout of the PowerPoint program
    • Instructor talking points
    • Expert planning and teaching tips
  • Instructional CD-ROM with:
    • Complete 90-minute PowerPoint presentation, which can be customized
    • Instructor talking points in notes for each slide
    • Session handouts
    • Promotional materials—customizable postcard and email copy
  • Textbook:
    • Companion textbook for additional content or reference
    • Order more as gifts for those who attend your educational sessions

Communicating Color Effectively

The Communicating Color Effectively Customer Education Program is designed for the printer to show his or her client how to discuss color. Minimize the wasted time, effort, and frayed client/printer relationships that result from poor communication. Teach your customers about the color limitations in the printing process—including the effect of paper, lighting conditions, and ink—to establish reasonable expectations. All of the components are included plus a prerecorded webinar presented by the author and a copy of The Field Guide to Color Reproduction.

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Creating Bulletproof PDFs

The Creating Bulletproof PDFs Customer Education Program kit contains the essential items needed for setting up and conducting a professional, information-packed, 90-minute session that walks customers through the process of creating print-perfect files, using Acrobat 7, and eliminating common PDF problems through step-by-step instructions and screen captures. As a bonus, the popular PDF Print Production Guide, is included too!

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Published on Monday, April 27, 2009 (updated 06/01/2016)

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