The New PrintScape: A Crash Course in Graphic Communications

Your Cost-Effective, In-House Graphic Arts Orientation Program

Print is everywhere. Magazines, road signs, billboards, shampoo bottles, cereal boxes, posters, soda cans, currency, lottery tickets, magnets, coffee mugs, t-shirts … the list goes on and on.

The printing industry is unquestionably one of the largest and most influential industries in the United States today. The New PrintScape: A Crash Course in Graphic Communications takes readers on a guided tour of the vital and dynamic landscape of print.

First introduced in 2002, the program was updated and expanded to a second edition in 2009, and fully revamped in a third edition in 2013. This latest edition now features an interactive e-learning module, and Instructor’s Guide, and all of the most recent technology and market changes affecting the industry.

PrintScape provides a comprehensive overview of today’s print and graphic communications industry—from its history to its current practices, products, terminology, and people. It is ideal for new hires and current employees in sales, marketing, production, or administration. The training is intended for learners that fall into one of two categories: (1) students taking an introductory-level graphic communications course and (2) employees of printing companies who are new to the graphic communications industry and its unique production processes, markets, workflows, and working environment.

Why Choose The New PrintScape?

The New PrintScape is a must-have for every organization in the printing industry.

PrintScape is:

  • Complete. The New PrintScape is an “orientation-in-a-box”—all the key information and elements are there. Just place your order, open the box, and you’re ready to go.
  • Time-efficient. Can be used as a self-study program or for group instruction. New employees quickly get up to speed—becoming knowledgeable about the entire production process in just hours.
  • Profitable. Well-trained employees are more effective communicators with customers and colleagues.
  • Cost-efficient. All the information and elements you need for in-house training in one package at one low price! Save money by purchasing packaged sets when preparing for classroom use.

The New PrintScape materials are adaptable for self-study or can be presented in a classroom setting. Plus it can be used as a customer-training tool delivered as “learning lunches” or a half-day crash course. School instructors can integrate the e-learning module or PowerPoint presentations with their current curriculum materials for introductory courses.

“Creativity and innovative technology are enhancing print for today and the next generations. Whether your interest is in technology, sales, marketing, branding, or other print professions, you’ll benefit from this step-by-step exploration of the industry and the printing process from job creation to final product. Look at careers in graphic communications and how you can influence where the industry is going in the coming years,” said Lisa Rawa, Vice President, Marketing, Printing Industries of America.

The New PrintScape Components

The New PrintScape is designed to allow maximum flexibility in learning and instruction. The training consists of the following key features:

  1. The Student Workbook allows for reading, self-study, and note taking and includes a glossary of industry terms used throughout the program. It is the companion text to the other program elements, containing additional statistics and information on the industry overview, print markets, career paths, the complete printing process, health and safety in printing plants, and training and professional development.
  2. The Instructor’s Guide is designed to aid in the preparation of presentation, classroom activities, and learning assessment.
  3. PowerPoint presentation slides come with notes that may be used in face-to-face instruction.
  4. Asynchronous e-learning lessons may be used as self-paced instruction on a computer or tablet or as part of the classroom presentation.

The presentation materials are packed with information; graphics; video clips; and, in the case of the e-learning module, audio clips, presenting a colorful, fast-paced overview of key concepts, processes, and terms.

Familiarize yourself with all the new industry terms and quiz yourself on printing knowledge. Get all the basics of printing in one place.

For help in choosing the right combination of components, visit the Packages and Pricing page.

Program Details

  • As a self-study program, it can be completed in several short sittings. Used as a group program, it can be modified to a half-day course. Total running time: about 5 hours. Most lessons can be taught in one 15- to 50-minute session, with the amount of time allotted depending very much on whether the lessons are face-to-face with an instructor providing embellishment and follow-up activities.
  • The e-learning module includes an audio narration walking the student through the program, which is packed with information, graphics, and video to present a colorful, fast-paced overview of key concepts, processes, and terms.
  • The e-learning lessons, when used for self-study, allows the student to control lesson content and pace and immediate quiz feedback.
  • The Student Workbook features text supporting the content narrative along with illustrations, charts and tables, self-study quizzes, and a glossary.
  • Review questions wrap up each section to assess reader comprehension of material.
  • The Instructor’s Guide shares learning objectives, an instructional content outline, training tips, and program quiz answer keys.
  • Topics covered: 
    • Industry overview
    • Career paths
    • Print markets
    • Workflow
    • Printing processes
    • Paper and ink
    • Job creation
    • Prepress
    • Color appreciation
    • Pressroom production
    • Postpress processes
    • Environment, health, and safety affairs
    • Quality management
    • Training and professional development
    • The cutting edge and industry trends

Benefits of the New E-learning Component

The e-learning module is designed around research-based principles of e-learning, with these features:

  • Personalization of content through coaching and friendly phrasing
  • Strategic use and position of appropriate graphics to impart concepts
  • Presentation of lesson objectives to enhance focus on important material 
  • Segmenting of content into small "chunks" to reduce cognitive overload
  • Use of audio to carry the details synced with key textual points to enhance learning
  • Interactive practice with feedback to enhance engagement and reinforce key concepts
  • Learner control over lesson content and pace, with table of contents and search allowing access to all parts
  • Content ordered with book/workbook for note taking and reading support.
  • In-line graded quiz to provide self-assessment of knowledge gained and ability to review

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Save money when purchasing packaged sets.

Shorten the learning curve, get your employees off to the right start, and stay ahead with The New PrintScape!

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Published on Monday, April 27, 2009 (updated 05/31/2016)

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