Web Offset Press Problem-Solving Training Program

Enhance Problem-Solving and Boost Productivity

Problem-solving is an essential skill in today’s web pressroom. With demands for increased productivity and decreased downtime, efficient problem-solving is more important than ever. Even the fastest press will be down longer and less productive when problems aren’t identified and solved quickly and accurately.

The Web Offset Press Problem-Solving Training Program Kit helps to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to be an astute, effective problem-solver and a productive member of the pressroom team. Use this complete kit to deliver practical information, tailored to your operation, that can immediately turn into results.

This kit:

  • Makes problem-solving training fast and effective
  • Covers 10 key problem-solving areas—pick and choose topics according to your needs
  • Is suitable for beginning or experienced instructors or press operators alike. All will find useful information to apply right away.

A Problem-Solving “Crash Course”

Specially designed to be focused and fast, more like a “crash course” than an extended curriculum, the program is organized into 12 modules covering key “problem areas” of web offset printing along with problem-solving orientation and review sessions.

Problem-solving modules include:

  • Introduction to problem-solving methodology
  • Infeed problems
  • Paper problems
  • Printing unit problems
  • Plate problems
  • Blanket problems
  • Inking system and ink performance problems
  • Dampening problems
  • Dryer and chill roll problems
  • Delivery problems
  • Print quality problems
  • Printing problems review

Most topics can be taught in one 60–90-minute session. Based on the needs of the trainees and the organization’s training and quality goals, the instructor may choose to teach all twelve modules or just selected ones. For example, if a facility is experiencing chronic ink and dampening problems, the instructor would teach a focused, three-session “mini course” on problem-solving methodology and ink and dampening problems.

It’s that easy! You pick and choose the modules and put together the problem-solving crash course that’s best for your staff and your equipment.

Out-of-the-Box Training

Simple to use and easy to customize, just open the manual, gather items on the checklists, pop in the CD, and you’re ready to go. Problem-solving training has never been easier.

  • Instructor’s Training Manual with CD-ROM offers lesson notes and student worksheets for sessions on ten web problem-solving areas, plus an introduction to problem-solving methodology and a final review. Suggested training and prop tips are also included, as well as review and reinforcement activities to strengthen problem-solving skills. Each module also includes suggested computer-based training activities for using the S.I.R. Heatset Web Offset Training Simulator.
  • Instructor’s CD-ROM illustrates dozens of web press problems that are covered in the lesson notes. (CD is both PC an dMac compatible.) A PowerPoint outline of each lesson is also provided, as well as templates for all of the student worksheets.
  • Troubleshooting Textbook—The best-selling Guide to Troubleshooting for the Web Offset Press offers causes and solutions for more than 100 press problems encountered in all areas of web offset printing. It’s the perfect problem-solving reference.

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Published on Monday, April 27, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)

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