Literacy Outreach—Books Are Alive!

Books Are Alive! Literacy Outreach Program

  • Are you promoting the value of the printed word to children?
  • Are you portraying your company and the printing profession in a positive manner to your community?
  • Are you advocating a high public literacy rate to ensure the demand for your printed products?
  • In essence, are you nurturing the future of the printed word?

Beyond garnering valuable exposure for your business, these activities benefit your industry and even our society as a whole. Printing Industries of America makes it easy for you to make this type of positive impact on your business and the community through our  Books Are Alive! program.

Books Are Alive! is a national program designed to cultivate a respect for books and the printed word and nurture the seeds of a lifelong love for reading and writing. A fun adventure story and supplemental creative ideas provide avenues for practicing reading and writing skills in a fun and creative way. Key themes are emphasized throughout the children’s book and the instructor-led activities, including the value of the printed word and the fascinating, cooperative process involved in creating a book or other printed piece.

The Books Are Alive! program is easy and enjoyable to implement. The components include:

THE CHILDREN'S BOOK—Planting the Seeds of Awareness
Benjamin Saves the Books: An Adventure in Words and Wisdom is especially suitable for children ages 7 to 10 (grades 1 to 3), but has been used with children up through grade 6. Divided into 5 chapters, the book is designed to be read in 5 sittings of 15 to 20 minutes each. Benjamin's journey truly is an adventure in both words and wisdom as, along the way, he learns lessons that teach the value and power of words, reading, books, and other forms of printing and perceives the printing process as valuable, creative, and fascinating.

THE LEADER'S GUIDE—Helping the Seeds to Grow
Divided into two sections, one for the printing/publishing professional and the other for instructors, each section is filled with suggestions, guidelines, and samples to be used when implementing the program in the community. Ideas for cooperative activities between schools and local printing/publishing businesses are supplemented with practical tips, sample letters, news releases, and reproducible activity sheets.

These tools can help you to get involved and make a positive impression and valuable impact in the community!

Quotes from Kids

Here's what children who have participated in a Books Are Alive! program have said:

I really enjoyed Benjamin Saves the Books. It was an interesting book. It had neat facts like there are only four colors to make every color in books.
—Jeff P

I truly loved your book, Benjamin Saves the Books, especially the part where Benjamin enters the printing press place. I also think it was well written, and had a good moral to it. I think it also teaches kids about the process of creating a book.
—Nick V.

Benjamin Saves the Books was a good book. It had great descriptions. It had a good message too. I also liked how it said how books are corrected, colored, and printed. It was interesting to read how it all works.
—Paul G.

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Published on Monday, April 27, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)

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