Custom and Special Order Products

Special Order Products
If you are looking for a particular quality or process control product that is not in this catalog or on our website  (, let us know. As the largest distributor of quality and process control tools, we can find and obtain most publicly distributed products and make them available to you. To inquire about special order products, call 412-259-1782 or email

Film-Based Products
Film products are produced on-demand and require an additional ten-day lead time for production and fulfillment. (film-based custom targets are limited to a maximum size of 36 x 44-in.). To order film-based targets and test forms, call 412-259-1786 or email

Custom-Designed Products
We can create custom test forms to your specifications with any combination of available Printing Industries test targets, QC images, spot colors, and more. We can even include your company’s logo. If you want a test form in a size that is not listed in this catalog or one that more closely matches your press format, we can do that too. In addition, large-format test forms can be developed in any dimension as digital files .

Any combination of Printing Industries test form elements can be incorporated into a custom form:
Neutral header bar
Ladder targets
Star targets
Tone scales/vignettes
QC photos
Gray balance target
Mottle patches
TAC/ink coverage target
Line resolution target
Type resolution target
Type tint target
ECI 2002 profiling targets
Fit targets
IT8.7 profiling targets
DRA targets
Proof comparator
Single-tier color control bars
Dual-tier color control bars
Ink take-off bars
Plate control targets
Ghosting target
Fluting target
Show-through target

*Test form elements are not sold separately.

Product customization or development can be completed for you in a timely and cost-effective manner. For a quote, call 412-259-1786 or email

Published on Sunday, May 17, 2009 (updated 08/27/2014)

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