Online Store FAQs

Purchasing and Pricing

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payment via check, money order, credit card (VISA, American Express, MasterCard), or wire transfer. If you prefer to make payment via wire transfer, please contact our accounting department for bank transfer information. Please note that we do require prepayment for all orders.

Q: If I do not wish to purchase my books online, what other options do I have?

A: In addition to our online bookstore, you do have several other options for ordering publications. Whether you are a member of Printing Industries of America or not, you can call our Member Central department where an agent will process your order at 800-910-4283 x770 (within the U.S.) or 412-259-1770 (all other countries). This service is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Also, you can fax your order to 412-741-2311 or mail to Printing Industries Orders, 200 Deer Run Rd., Sewickley, PA, 15143 (Attn: Member Central).

Q: Do you offer a discount for bulk purchases?

A: Yes, we do offer an additional discount for purchases of 20 copies or more of a single title. If you’d like to purchase a book in a large quantity for training, marketing, or resale, please call us at 412-259-1770 for pricing details.

Q: How do I know if I qualify as a reseller, and how can I utilize the reseller discount to make a purchase?

A: If you are a bookstore, you can purchase our publications at the reseller rate which is 20% off of our member rate (this is typically equivalent to 40% off of the non-member rate). To be certain that you qualify, contact Member Central at 800-910-4283 x 770.


Q: If I purchase a downloadable product, how should I expect to receive it?

A: If you make the purchase at our online store, you will see a green download button at the very end of the ordering process (after you complete payment). You can click this button to access and download your file(s). If you encounter any difficulties with this step or ordered the product via a different medium, you can contact Member Central at 800-910-4283 x 770.

Desk Copies

Q: I am an instructor and am interested in reviewing some of your publications for use in my curriculum. What is the procedure for obtaining a desk copy for review?

A: In order to receive a desk copy of one of our publications, you must fax a request on university letterhead. The request must contain the relevant class, expected enrollment, the title(s) that you’re interested in, and the ship to address. With only a few exceptions, we are able to supply almost all of our titles for this purpose.


Q: While you seem to have a variety of resources on each respective topic, I am having trouble deciding which one(s) are best suited to fit the specific needs of my company. How can I find suggestions of this kind?

A: In order to find resources that will fit your company’s specific needs, you can contact Member Central at 800-910-4283 x 770.

Q:  I am interested in a variety of the topics that your resources cover, but I do not wish to purchase a publication as detailed and extensive as a textbook. Do you offer any publications that are more of a general, concise overview of some of your topics?

A: Yes, we do offer a type of resource called a ‘primer’ on a variety of our major topics. These books are shorter in length and offer concise, yet detailed, overviews of their respective subjects. At, enter keyword “primer” in the Search field to view a list of the primers that we offer in our online bookstore.

Q: How do I view your complete list of products?

A: You can view all of our products at our online bookstore, Here, you can browse products by category, an alphabetical listing, or search for specific titles. Also, you can click here to view a PDF version of our Publications Catalog.


Q: We are interested in training some of our newer employees who lack experience in the pressroom. Do you offer any resources specifically designed for training purposes?

A: Yes, we do offer curriculum programs designed for the following topics: sheetfed offset printing, web offset printing, bindery, and prepress (not yet available). These curriculum programs include publications as well as workbooks for the trainers and trainees. We also offer the option to administer an examination to your trainees at the end of the program which includes a certificate of completion for those that complete the exam with an 80% or higher. Click here to browse our training curriculums products. 

Q: For use of your training curriculums, do I need both the Supervisor’s Kit as well as the Trainee’s Kit?

A: We do recommend that you purchase the kit rather than the individual kit components when implementing training. Not only do the kit prices reflect a discount on individual prices of the kit components, but the kit contains all of the books referenced in the manuals. Select the appropriate number of Instructor’s Kits, Trainee’s Kits, and Reference Libraries for your training situation. All three of these include essential components of the program that are complete with the training manuals, workbooks, and textbooks that you will need to effectively train your employees or students. We recommend 1 Instructor’s Kit per instructor, 1 Trainee’s Kit per student or trainee, and 1 Reference Library Kit per 2-3 students or trainees. If you already have a program in place, you may choose to purchase the individual elements on an as-needed basement to complete sets.

Q: Do your training curriculums offer supplemental software for instructional purposes?

A: Technically no. While a CD-ROM or DVD is included with the Instructor’s Manual of each curriculum, it does not contain a proprietary software program. What it does include is all of the tools an instructor will need to enhance his or her course instruction. The CD-ROM includes visual aids, SOP templates, movie clips, unit tests, and more.

Member Discounts and Benefits

Q: My company is a member of Printing Industries of America, but I do not see any option to receive the member discount for books while ordering online. How can I receive my discount?

A: When ordering online, in order to receive your discount, you must first log in to the website. Do this at the home page, Upon logging in, both the member and non member prices will be available for selection in the online bookstore. For additional information on logging in, refer to the question below.

Q: As a member, how do I log in to access member benefits on

A: If you are an employee of a member company, you can gain access to these benefits by logging in. Your username is your email address, and you can select your own password. You  may have received a temporary password via email when you submitted your application for membership. If you have never received any information with your password and login instructions, you may want to check with the employee at your company that was listed as your primary contact at this time. If you still are still unable to log in, please call Marci Bogner-Brewer, member records coordinator, at 412-259-1832 for further instructions.


Q: Are your products returnable?

A: For individual customers, our hard-copy publications can be returned within 30 days of purchase, in good condition. For retail customers, unsold products and overstock may be returned within six months of purchase and must be in perfect, saleable condition. As long as this criteria is met, we will accept returns for these types of products. Our digital and downloadable products, however, are not returnable.

Q: Where do I ship my return?

A: Returns should be shipped, with a copy of the original packing slip or referencing the invoice number and a note for the reason for return, to Printing Industries Returns, 200 Deer Run Road, Sewickley, PA 15143.

Published on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)

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