Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hardware requirements and options?

The WebSim-Heatset software can run under Windows XP or Vista. Most modern computers can run the software. Two GB of memory is recommended for XP, and more than two would be recommended for Vista.

The display adapter is very important. The best configuration is to use the simulator with two monitors. To use the twin-monitor configuration, you will need a second monitor and either a second graphics card or a twin-monitor card. We could not recommended a specific dual monitor card, as the products change frequently, but these cards are made available by ATI or Nvidia.

Why are two monitors better than one?

We strongly recommend that you use the two-monitor configuration. If two monitors are hooked up simultaneously, the user sees the press console and the copy desk on separate monitors. If only one screen is hooked up, the user must click on the hidden windows to see the print copy. The display of the print copy then occupies the screen until the user asks to return to the press console/print unit view. To use the two- or three-monitor configuration, you will need multiple monitors and a graphics card that supports the configuration.

Can I install my simulator on multiple computers?

Licensing for use on multiple computers is available. The software requires a USB license key (or dongle) in order to run. The software can be installed on multiple computers, but the license dongle must be present on the workstation to run the software. If you purchase multiple licenses, you would have a dongle license key for each license purchased. Any workstation with the WebSim-Heatset software installed and a dongle present could run the software.

Can the simulator be run on a network?

A network version of the license key is included with the optional three year extended support contract. The USB license key is installed on the network server. The network key enables any computer on the LAN to run the simulator (the software must be loaded on the workstation). The number of computers that can run the simulator simultaneously depends on the number of licenses purchased. Example: if three licenses are purchased, the simulator can be run on three workstations at the same time.

Can I run the simulator on a MAC?

Simulators can be run on a MAC using a dual boot Windows XP or Vista. This is possible with the latest OS system from Apple (OS X Leopard with boot camp boot loader). However, this is not a recommended hardware configuration.

Does the simulator mimic a particular type of press?

The press represented in the simulator is a generic press, with operating features typical of most heatset web presses. The console can be displayed as a manroland press console or a generic press console. The multimedia feature can be used to customize or present the actual parts or components of your press to the trainee.

Can I customize the simulator?

The simulator can be customized in several ways. The trainer can create custom exercises and choose any of the variables and the sequences in which the print faults and problems occur.

The hourly cost of the press and materials can be customized, along with the consumable cost and the amount of time that is assigned to actions taken by the student. For example if the trainee stops the press and changes a blanket, the cost of the blanket and the time taken to change the blanket will be included in the trace file or log generated for the exercise.

Any type of multimedia supported by Windows can be included with many different components of the press. This includes videos of procedures preformed on your press or text lists of your SOP for a particular task. When the trainee passes the mouse over a component of the press containing multimedia, the mouse cursor turns red and a right click will display a list of multimedia available for that component of the press.

Published on Monday, November 2, 2009 (updated 05/29/2014)