Press Operator II

JOB TITLE:  2nd Press Operator

DEPARTMENT:  Web Press Room

REPORTS TO:  Lead Press Operator/ Shift Supervisor

Summary Description:

The 2nd Press Operator can operate both the press and folder in the Crew Leader’s absence. As the Crew Leader’s assistant, operators support and work for the Crew Leader who has the jurisdiction over the press line and press crew. Though not limited to the following, primary responsibilities include running and maintaining the press and folder and training others in the Crew Leader’s absence or at his/her direction.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Works with crewmembers in operating the press and folder, cleaning and maintaining equipment, changing paper rolls, and performing other assigned duties. This includes, but is not limited to ensuring maintenance activities are thoroughly accomplished and documented.
  • Consistently inspects for and maintains a high quality of web work. Works with the Crew Leader to see all running samples are pulled, inspected, and initialed.
  • Ensure sample copies are of the highest quality.
  • Follows all SOPs and works to ensure others on the crew do also. When violations or errors are made, operators are responsible for either informing the Crew Leader or training (correcting) the individual as appropriate.
  • Verify press counts by checking autocount to the counters and initial packing slips as appropriate. Ensure all autocount printouts and computer entries are correct and accurate
  • Works to keep the entire press area clean at all times, both during production runs and down time, using the resources of him/herself and others efficiently as well as instructing others on the crew to ensure the Crew Leader’s requirements are efficiently and expeditiously met.
  • Successfully complete the department’s training program.
  • Ensures safety policies and procedures are met. If it’s while functioning in the Crew Leader’s absence, then this would include the activities of all Direct Reports and themselves such as: PPEs, ergonomics, chemical hazards, etc. and performs these duties in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees. Maintains a rotation among crewmembers to each workstation on the press.
  • Work where directed, be it on varying presses or in other departments.
  • At work station 5 minutes before start of shift.

Administrative Responsibilities either at the Crew Leader’s direction or in their absence:

  • Assigns or directs the work of crewmembers. Remember that when assigning work, attempts need to be made to divide tasks equally (considering the limits of each person's experience and ability).
  • Help in the administration of maintenance programs, tasks, and associated paper work. For instance, this includes having all the correct information concerning press runs, paper consumption, and waste information entered into the computer.
  • Train crewmembers.
  • Follow the department’s maintenance program when maintenance is being conducted.
  • Read, understand, and follow the entire work order of every job and ensure that all discrepancies are resolved.

Management of Personnel when the Crew Leader is absent:

  • Ensures the press has all required resources. This includes everything from supplies to personnel and reports any shortages of these resources to the Supervisor or Foreman.
  • Elevate unresolved or continuing problems to the shift Supervisor or Foreman.

Published on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 (updated 05/29/2014)