Sheetfed Press Operator

JOB TITLE: First Press Operator – Sheetfed



Summary Description:

Directs the crew and perform manual and machine operator tasks related to the set-up, maintenance and operations of the press, Responsible for the quantitative and qualitative press performance.

Primary  Responsibilities:

  1. Makes ready and operates offset printing press
  2. Examines job order to determine quantity to be Printed, stock specifications, colors and special printing instructions
  3. Examines offset printing plate for visual defects and applies correcting solution to repair minor defects or informs supervisor of unrepairable plates
  4. Applies packing sheet to blanket cylinder to build up blanket thickness to diameter of plate cylinder
  5. Measures paper thickness and adjusts space between blanket and impression cylinders according to thickness of paper stock
  6. Adjusts controls to regulate flow of ink and dampening solution to plate cylinder
  7. Starts press, examines printed copy for ink density, position on paper and registration and makes adjustments to press throughout production run to maintain specific registration and color density
  8. Makes adjustments to feeder and delivery mechanism
  9. Removes and replaces worn rollers and adjusts pressure between rollers of press, using hand tools
  10. Leads, gives directions to, trains, and monitors work of press crew
  11. Performs job duties in accordance with company safety rules
  12. Performs proper and required maintenance as well as cleaning of press.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned


  1. 5-7 years Second Pressman experience;
  2. In depth knowledge of the mechanics and capabilities of press;
  3. Able to accurately distinguish color variation;
  4. Mechanical aptitude;
  5. Requires experience running, troubleshooting and quality control.
  6. Ability to understand written instructions and set-up the press and carry out instructions;
  7. Frequent lifting, bending and turning.

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Published on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 (updated 05/29/2014)