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Print is often criticized for its loss of value and importance in the market, as well as its impact on the environment. It is essential to convey the message that print is important to brand recognition and the sales process, and that we are an environmentally and socially responsible industry.

The following tools and resources have been developed to help printers convey these messages to the media, your customers, the government, and other industries.

Tools and Resources

  1. “The Fine Print” PR Toolkit
    Printing Industries of America presents “The Fine Print” PR Toolkit. This toolkit can be used to convey the value of print and counteract negative statements from the media and objections to print by the consumer.

    The Toolkit Includes:
    1. Economic Statistics—employment, low-cost advertising for local business, tax revenue, and more
    2. Environmental Facts—paper as a renewable resource, vegetable-based ink, and more
    3. FAQs—talking points for printers

    Download PDFs of these resources, by clicking on the following links:
    1. Environmental PDF
    2. Economic PDF
    3. Print Mail PDF
    4. FAQ PDF

  2. Value of Print Advertisement
    Full Page Ad/Flyer (color)
    Full Page Ad/Flyer (black-and-white)

  3. Sky Radio Interview: Print’s Image As it Relates to the Environment

For more information, contact Printing Industries of America at 800-910-4283.

Published on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 (updated 05/29/2014)

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