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Three Monitor Touch Screen Configuration

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SheetSim-SHOTS is a complete interactive computer training system. SHOTS (Sheetfed Offset Training Simulator) offers your press personnel the closest thing to a real pressroom using state-of-the-art computer technology.

New in version 7.0 crisper print display, a sharper magnifying glass, and an industry-standard color library.

  • Manage your groups, results, exercises and set the reference values of your simulator from anywhere with the use of the DLMS in the cloud.
  • X-Rite IntellitraxTM scanning densitometer interface is now integrated in the SHOTS. The choice is yours between the existing Teckhon and the new  X-Rite densitometers.
  • Connect 3 standard touch-monitors to your SHOTS or  Heatset simulators and get a 'real' console for your courses.
  • The simulator is based on a full-size six-unit printing press commonly found in commercial printing plants. If desired, the simulator can also be configured as a two-unit press.
  • The simulator uses no expensive consumables, nor generates chemical wastes.
  • There are no safety issues such as physical injury or exposure to pressroom chemicals.

SheetSim-SHOTS offers two operational modes. For new hires and basic training, choose the standard mode and the press simulator is adjusted perfectly. Experiment with the variables and see what happens. The standard mode provides an ideal setting for learning the proper skills and special techniques necessary to run a sheetfed press. For experienced pressmen, choose the problem-solving mode and see what develops. An endless number of unexpected problems can be preprogrammed to appear. These are all real press printing defects that require identification, cause analysis, and correction. All exercises have three different tolerance levels to accommodate everyone from beginners to well-practiced personnel.

With the simulator, the “pressruns” can be pre-defined in which sets of problems will occur over time; e.g., color and register at makeready, chemistry and density modifications during the run, etc. The paper and ink can be set to deplete during the exercise, requiring the trainee to monitor ink levels and paper in the feeder. As the trainee solves the exercise, all actions are recorded in a log or trace file. The trace file calculates the time spent solving the exercise in both real time and virtual time, and provides a record of material costs. The material costs and time assigned to actions and be customized to reflect your actual costs.

The simulator comes with many exercises or custom exercises can be easily created to teach specific problem scenarios that are occurring on your presses. The print copy run in the simulator can be customized with your own jobs.

The current software version 7.0 includes the DLMS cloud server.  The Cloud-based DLMS, InterTech™ Technology Award 2013, makes it easy for instructors to manage and evaluate large numbers of trainees, both on-site and across sites. DLMS provides automatic analysis of training sessions and language-independent reports to track results by time, production cost, and ranking.

SheetSim-SHOTS instructor training is included in the cost of the simulator. A two-day workshop is scheduled several times a year at our headquarters near Pittsburgh, PA.

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 Videos of Heidelberg Press Console Simulator:

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  • Stage One-Design Competion For Flexo and Sheetfed Project
  • Stage Two-Print Skills Competion Using the Flexo and SHOTS Simulators
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  • For more information or to schedule a live demonstration contact Dillon Mooney at 412-259-1786 or Jim Workman at 412-259-1710.

Published on Friday, June 8, 2012 (updated 10/14/2015)

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