Video Tutorials

Augmented Reality

Color Correction in Photoshop

Integrating Print and New Media

  • Integrating New Media Technologies Into Your Business

    FREE: Sponsored by Ricoh, this webinar shows you how to up the competition with new product offerings and teaches you how to extend printed material to the Internet and rich media while providing marketers with valuable campaign feedback and analytics.

Mobile Web Development

  • Previewing Mobile Websites in Safari

    FREE: When developing mobile websites, you can use the Safari Browser website to preview what the website will look like on various Apple devices. In this video, Joe Marin shows you how.

  • Previewing Mobile Websites in Firefox

    MEMBERS ONLY: Firefox has a nifty little plug-in called User Agent Switcher that allows you to impersonate any one of dozens of mobile devices—a handy tool when developing websites for mobile.

QR Code Creation and Tracking

  • Creating and Tracking QR Codes with Google Url Shortener

    FREE: In this short video, Joe Marin discusses how to create and track QR codes using the free Url Shortener service from Google.

  • Creating and Tracking QR Codes using the Microsoft Tag Service

    MEMBERS ONLY: You've probably seen the Microsoft Tag included in printed material. But, did you know you could create and track QR codes using the free Microsoft Tag service? In this video, Joe Marin explains exactly how to do it!

  • Customizing QR Codes

    MEMBERS ONLY: A QR code is an amazing technology, but they certainly aren’t the prettiest things to look at. In this video, learn how to turn QR codes into high-resolution graphics so that they can be customized by adding design elements.

Published on Friday, July 10, 2015 (updated 02/23/2017)